Where is Timer code?

When I look at any of my switch devices in the SmartThings app, there is a “Timer” switch that appears. I want to add an ON Timer and OFF timer for my switches, both with the option for randomness. So I downloaded the default Edge driver for ZWave switches, but cannot find “Timer” anywhere in the lua or yml files. Where is that “Timer” function coming from (if not the driver) and how can I modify it?

It is a Routine that runs once and is then deleted automatically. Why it remains on the Controls tab rather than having been moved to the Routines tab with similar stuff is one of the quirks of the client apps.

I’m only seeing it on the Controls tab for some, not all, devices.

Apart from requiring the switch capability, I should imagine that it is tied in with specific device categories. The mobile app developers seem to be quite keen on doing things with device categories, though exactly what it is they are doing with them seems to be largely left for us to guess.

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