ST servers..... Are they down?

I seem to be having connectivity issues in the mobile app. Anyone else having any trouble?

The hub is showing online, but nothing is working and I can’t access the app.



Same here.

Yep, down here as well.

Well that explains the erratic behavior I’ve been seeing today…

Same here. Getting ready for bed and asked Alexa to turn off the lights and she replied that she’s “having trouble reaching SmartThings”. The app was a no-go also. Tried to get in through the api, but that was a no-go also.

Same here. I was able to turn off my Lightify garden lights about 10-15 minutes ago but after that, Alexa keeps saying she can’t reach ST.

I really don’t want to have to turn my hall lamp off at the switch.

Gee thanks! You broke ST! Lol

IDE is down too

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I was wondering why all my panels had the little frowny cloud.
That would splane it


Definitely down, but I checked the staus page and it says they are operational. I reboot the hub still nothing.

Down via Alexa but the app works

Just got a status email…

Down for me as well. Same problems as everyone else: spinny wheel in the app, Alexa says, “Hmmm… I’m having trouble reaching SmartThings.” Status website says everything’s operational. I’ll see if I can get someone on chat.

Anybody around big bear , see if you can find Alex ?

Last I heard… He was at his desk…


He was posting pics hiking in Big Bear yesterday ( or I thought it was yesterday )
Welp all my SmartTiles panels just came back up

I’m apparently one of the lucky ones. Everything is running smoothly for me. App, IDE, CoRE all working.

On here??? Or is that on the fake Twitter account

Hold on a second… Will get that fixed for you… Don’t want anyone to feel left out

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Seem to be back up. So much for local processing.