Is ST down (cloud services & mobile app)? [Resolved]

No response from App can not connect to SmatTiles nor the IDE. Sitting in the dark, Internet connection is fine on mobile and PC shows a partial outage for North America

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Everything but local has gone for a complete toss past few minutes. Cannot even login to iOS app. Pretty much E’rhing is dead!

Looks like they fixed it. Lights started coming back on slowly then SmartTiles then IDE. Must have been a mini stroke. Not good

Yeap! It’s back now…

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I thought Smart Lighting was handled local. Not sure why an outage would shut off most of my lights. Which are Local and which are cloud based?

what kind of lights? My closet door ST multi to GE link worked… Hues and Cree’s are not local.

It’s kinda, sorta back, but painfully slow. Routines take 20 - 30 seconds to execute, SHM takes forever to update. Is this CES “demo effect”?


Is this the ADT addition? :grin: Really great for a security system.

Welcome to the world of not ready for prime time players.

Been trying for an hour to remove a switch - seems to be now in limbo in Smarttiles.

Same here! Still not working as “expected”. :wink:

What ADT addition? I may luv ST but I am not crazy. :wink:

Really hurting the WAF. Lights shutting down while dinner is being cooked was really poor timing.

Another BIG CES non-announcement - ST will be partnering with ADT. in the blog also. They need to fix all their own issues before this kind of crap.

  • and the your network is experiencing an error msg - IN RED

Meanwhile it runs HD video :smile:

Just adding a link…

I came home to getting no app updates for arriving at home or my garage opening. I tried to open the app and it just sat there and spun. I closed the app and was forced to relogin. It is saying my password or email is incorrect(it isn’t). and I can’t login through the normal developer site. What is happening?

Also, my alarm system went off when i walked in as expected even if it failing to connect to certain servers. My big question is why didn’t my presence sensor successfully disarm my house.

Currently a partial outage in North America

Mobile Apps won’t pull any data / display anything various error message, but two seperate networks and devices - same issue.

Smarttiles interface also down here.

I am able to get into IDE though.

EDIT: now shows:

Mobile App Connectivity ?
North America ? Partial Outage

This was not displayed for last 10 minutes or so, but I was having the issue at least that long.

I think everything thing is down. Came home (5:30EST) and nothing is working.

Yep, can’t log into anything, local things ran. Tiles down, IDE login not working, app not working. shows some issues. We’ll see if it gets fixed soon or updated at least