Is ST down?

Well I just checked and it appears that the Mobile App may be back up. At least here in WA, USA

Dude, ST wasnt down. Just the app and dev site.

For me nothing was working. I could not control my lights and Alexa or SONOS was not responding as well. I know it because I was observing via the camera.


Right on. Yeah that sucks.

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They just updated their status page showing that the outage is wide spread and is impacting everything else .

ok guys lets at least give them some credit. They got it back up in a timely manor this time.


yep nothing was working here. All that worked are local apps

ST did a great job… Like I mentioned above the issue started around 3:25 pm and I had an email from them at 3:45 that there is an issue. We had to wait for days earlier before an issue was shown on the status page.


Good to know they are improving. Also, from what I understand they got the issue resolved very quick comparatively speaking.

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We don’t know what caused the outage and how it was fixed, so any conclusions about “improvement” is nothing but guesswork. When I see at least 3 month without an outage, I’ll call it improvement.

He’s talking about the updates on the status page I believe.

No I was commenting on the speed of the fix. In the past its been days is that not the case?

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I am curious if the issue was worse for v1 hub users vs v2 hub users. I have a v2 hub and I did not notice any issues today (other than the usual issue with random timed events not firing). I work from home so my hub is used throughout the day for various things, mostly motion triggers to control some lights. I don’t recall any time today where my motion sensors were not able to control the lights.

Im on V2 so they were def affected. I wonder, are you on IOS or Android?

Well not sure app matters since I am referring to automated rules like motion and timed events but I am using Android. Someone previously said that SmartApps/rules were not working either although maybe that part was a shorter outage. It was also shown as a partial outage so may not have affected my area.

I get that. I was referring it being down to a large group of the ST population but then still having some people who it still worked for. Odd.

I am running V2 and was down except local

Nothing is working for me. Going on over 24 hours now.

You should contact support if your still down at

I have twice and both times i got a response that an engeneer needs to fix it and it would take a couple of hours. That was at 9 am. It’s now 10 pm