ST app not loading at all now?

First I started seeing sunset issues a few days ago. Now my app won’t load at all. Ugh. I really haven’t had any issues until a few days ago. Now I fear in now in that group that eternally has issues.

Mine is totally hosed and not responding to anything…

Mine is working, but lag is so awful that devices with timeouts, like my door lock, appear to not be working at all. Just started this morning.

Not my wifi, I speedchecked it already. Seems to be the ST cloud.

Yeap… Mine worked too but with a huge lag…

The issues are getting out of control in these last few days and it is becoming obvious that they are having big issues and I was hoping they would become more consistent they are painfully close in rendering this system useless.

@brianlees it’s a different matter that it does not do what it is supposed to do but for some weird reason it does trigger though on the dot… We are both in the same timezone and state… :wink: mine just attempts to turn on couple of hues, the event triggers on the dot but misses a few ons.

I had issues this evening too, I came home and none of my schedule lights were on. This is definitely a regular thing from my experience to date. Is there somewhere that Outages are reported and status can be monitored, that type of transparency would at least give engaged users some peace of mind knowing it’s a wider issue than their own hub + home?

In general I treat my Smart Things as a Beta project, I only use it for Lights & Switches at this point, I don’t think I could rely on it for more sensitive home automation features since I can’t trust when the app tells me its On (and I can see the light is not) and when I press the buttons to enable / disable and periodically it does not work. I load the app under Lights & Switches and it shows that the devices are ON, that to me is a big “no no” in application management, it should at least be detecting a failure.

They should (and probably are) working on more advanced poling approaches, in general I think the hub should be able to store a schedule attempt that fails and retry until it’s successful, then failover to a push SMS or email, that would make it a bit more redundant.

Either way, I still like it and believe in the product, I just think they have a long way to go before they get to a high availability status, which I think home automation needs to try and achieve to gain traction.

1 Like You can check here and also sign up for text updates. It’s very nice to know what is going on.


My SmartAlarm went off on both my iPhone and my wife’s Android phone at separate times tonight! These delays in processing really cause havoc when using Smarttings for a security system…

The mobile app’s also need to be sped up considerably, especially when your alarm is going off and you are trying to use your phone to go through menus to turn off the siren :flushed:


I speculate that the root cause of more problems than we think is actually the Scheduling sub-system. A weak link that needs an overhaul…

I had an outlet dimmer module react slowly to a just added motion sensor and other light react very slowly to a ST motion sensor that has been part of the system since day one. I usually don’t run into these issues or notice them when everyone else does.

Thanks Obycode, that will come in handy!

Same thing happened to me. My family has grown tired of the unreliability of ST as an alarm system. I had my 117 decibel alarm go off at 3am when I was trying to put a sick 2 year old asleep. Completely ridiculous and embarrassing for me as the “techie” in the family. I still can’t rely on presence detection to work accurately or at least for ST to report it quickly enough to be functional.

I’m inches from abandoning ST completely…this happens too often.

I feel your pain. I started working on Smart Alarm more than a year ago as an experiment, hoping that over time SmartThings will become more stable and robust, capable of handling real-life, demanding applications like home security. This unfortunately has not happened. We’ve witnessed a couple of major and several minor “platform upgrades” that were supposed to fix it “once and for all”, but the fundamental issues with job scheduling and cloud event processing are still there. There’s more technical discussion in the thread referenced a couple of posts above. Personally, I have very little hope that these issues will ever get fixed.

I appreciate your input. I should be clear that I wasn’t blaming your Smart Alarm (which I love BTW), rather the deep-rooted issues you described. Honestly, I wish the SimpliSafe alarm could be integrated with ST.

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I am too very disappointed in the progress to fix all these ongoing issue! Soon I will have to abandon ST too many repeat issues each week at least 5 times when one thing or another stops working. The wife has had enough I have to disable most of the security devices and just deal with lights. Too bad it had promise!

On the optimistic side, most of us honestly say:

“It has (future) promise!”

We’re in the same boat. I was working on modifying an existing smartapp when this outage hit us and I assumed I’d broken something. Ended up deleting the smartapp; rebooting the hub before I checked here. Sigh

You are responding to a post that’s about two years old. In the future, you might want to check the first bug reports list in the community – created wiki. That way you can just look for recent reports.

Thanks - I thought I was responding on a different tab relating to the recent app outage. My bad

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