Is SmartThings ADT dead? (July 2019) (Lifeshield/Blue by ADT Acquisition and Support comments on EOL)

I just checked mine and it registered in the SmartThings Classic App me opening and closing the door when I left this morning. I do not use the new app and do not even have it installed.

I just received about two dozen emails about “Device removed from account” from ADT and can’t log in to my ADT account, it’s saying my account was disabled due to inactivity even though my credit card was charged recently… I hadn’t gotten any other communication from them. I don’t know what to say about this, I’m shocked they handled it this way.

Anyone hear any updates? I’ve been holding off buying SmartThings since Iris went under… i really want to get a hub but the security monitoring is still a sore spot for me…

Monitoring is still up and working for me…

Everything (locally) is working perfectly for me. I do not use the ADT subscription service. So I’ll call that “remote”.

But local usage just as an ADT alarm and ST hub everything still works great. All of my ADT devices still register when they are opened/closed, they still trigger scenes/routines (for example a light turning on…someone mentioned that earlier…I have multiple doors that turn on lights) and they’re using the ADT sensors. I would recommend picking up the hardware if you can catch it on the cheap. I bought everything I could from Best Buy when they started blowing them out.

That camera looks suspiciously like the ones I purchased for my Iris system that now barely work… I don’t see any indications that Lifeshield has made any integration efforts with SmartThings, though…

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Lifeshield has no reason to integrate with SmartThings. ADT tried that, and apparently decided that in their market reliability was more important than integrations. Just sayin’… :wink:

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Just an FYI for those who are curious why their ADT/Smartthings panel is still on Smartthings Firmware Version 20 here is the response I got from support on how the Firmware updates work to the panel.

Thanks so what you are saying is ADT has both a server for the alarm system and one for the smartthings hub so they are hosting the device totally on their end and using an integation tool to report back to smartthings where as a V2/V3 Hub is hosted by a Samsung server?

Smartthings Support:
Yes, you are correct the firm updates for ADT hub are released and maintained by ADT. I would like to inform you that the latest firmware version of ADT hubs is 000.020.00203 (20.203) and your hub is on the same version. If ADT releases any frim ware updates then you will be notified.

Thank you for time and being understanding with us

Looks like ADT is holding the keys to the kingdom in terms of why we are way behind on firmware versions.

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Just a note that as of 2020, lifeshield is now called “Blue by ADT.” Nothing to do with smartthings directly, but you may get asked questions by ADT support. The SmartThings/ADT Dual logo panel is not the same thing as a Blue by ADT Product, apparently some support people are confused because they are both DIY models.

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Question for those with monitoring service. I’ve been self monitoring for over a year now, and the missing features I had with my old alarm system have driven me nuts the whole time so I’m wondering if finally paying for service would help.

Does monitoring allow for any other features on the adt side? Namely, my old system could alert me to a sensor being open longer than a certain time. It also could send me notifications when other users disabled the panel (based on their access codes since they were tied to names), which was nice for determining when certain people got home safely. Are these types of things possible with service? I’m also considering it for the cellular backup. Is there a separate adt app that can be used? I only have the latest smartthings app (not classic) currently and my functions seem extremely limited. I haven’t even managed to figure out how to use the alarm state to trigger lights and such (I’m aware of the adt tools thing but no idea where to start with that). Thanks!

Except that the majority of people who know the most about the product have posted here and are then more likely to be notified of replies than some new thread about a dead product no one would even read.


all of that is possible without the adt service. Use WebCore.

I highly doubt webcore can give me the aforementioned cellular backup.

Yeah you’ll need the service for cellular backup

Does anyone can confirm me if they still can add a new ADT sensor into their ADT Hub.
I have tried 2 brand new ADT Hub with new sensors and I can’t add any ADT Sensors it wont detect them at all and the QR Code is not working at all too.

Thanks !

About 1 month ago it worked for me using the classic app.

Can you try right now to open the QR Code Scanner using “Install Code” within the Classic App ?

Thanks !

Sorry, few hundred miles away from that location. traveling is a bit difficult right now :stuck_out_tongue:

No reason you can’t do both. :sunglasses:

And actually this was not the primary problemsolver thread for people who had the dual logo system. This was a thread to discuss whether ADT was dropping support and got a lot of attention from people who have been considering buying the system, but not necessarily from those who already had it.

Instead, the following threads will probably get you better answers. Or, again, start your own with a specific question.

As far as using the custom built ADT tools smartapp and other automation questions, try this:

ADT SmartThings Automations?

As to whether you get any additional features if you purchase monitoring other than the alerts themselves, I believe the only addition is being able to use the canopy portal:

And when it comes to getting responses from people who are currently using the product, I would suggest using the discussion thread you posted to about a year ago. :sunglasses:

ADT partnership: ST-ADT touchscreen hub and devices (discussion thread)

David, you dont need to be close to your hub to see the issue, just open the Classic App, then Add a thing and press the + button and chose “Install Code” you will see what I’m talking about, the camera is not even opening to let you scan a QR Code.

Thanks !