Is SmartThings ADT dead? (July 2019) (Lifeshield/Blue by ADT Acquisition and Support comments on EOL)

I won’t fuss if they just allow atrition to do its thing. But let’s face it, at full retail, a full install of let’s say starter kit with 2 contact sensors, and 1 motion sensor, and then maybe add 18 contacts and another oh say 4 motions, at least 4 smoke / CO2 alarm kits etc… and we start talking about a fairly decent dent into most peoples income. This system was released what in October 2017, so it hasn’t even been out for 2 years yet. I seriously doubt either Samsung, nor ADT want the PR black eye that could end up hitting them if they simply abandon the existing userbase after we’ve sunk our hard earned cash into it.

Lowes did right by their Iris users by buying them out when they walked away from the Iris platform. Still far less than ideal, but it was fair enough to avoid a PR nightmare for the company. I do NOT want to go through yet another migration. If ADT bails on supporting this platform, I am going to jump over to Hubitat and put my old Iris V1 stuff back to work…


I totally agree. If they left us all hanging without at least letting these systems function for the foreseeable future then i am gone as well. I will probably start with looking at the Arlo HA Platform (that is also a bit nuts). Simply because I have several of their cameras, but it wouldn’t take much to switch to something like hubitat, or even a open platform running HA on a rasberry pi 4 with a some sort of HA stick.

Well, I would do my darndest to avoid buying new sensors. Since I still have more than enough 1st gen Iris sensors, Hubitat would seem the logical choice. I believe everything else I have is directly compatible with Hubitat. I would absolutely need to verify with @TheSmartestHouse if my Zooz switches are compatible.

This is all speculation though, for now, the platform is supported, just no new hardware is being made available for it. As long as ADT doesn’t stick us for having chosen their system, we’re good to go until we dwindle out by atrition.

As I understand it, correctly or not, ADT monitoring is done on a shared ADT platform anyway, so no real extra cost supporting ADT ST customers, and again, customer goodwill. Because I guarantee 100% if ADT pulls the plug on me, I will never do business with them again.

There’s always extra cost just for the customer support, and the system is way more confusing than they closed system ADT has in their other models.

Just explaining which sensors work and which don’t to alert the monitoring center costs the company money. :scream:


True enough, but when you think of it, isn’t that sort of ADTs doing?

And there is the income stream from keeping the customers they have gotten from their ST integration.

Yeah, they walked into this on their own, no question.


Yes, all of Zooz products are compatible and supported by Hubitat. The switches are fully integrated so you’ll have access to advanced features without a custom handler needed like you do for SmartThings.

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While that IS good news, hopefully I won’t have to go down that road too soon. I’m not going down a non ADT SmartThings road, it was never my intent as I didn’t feel it was worth it. Others feel differently and that’s good too. My hope and plan is to flog this ADT SmartThings as long as I can. IF Regular ST gets its act together, I might migrate there once the ADT system starts dying off via atrition, but not one second before then… Should it die off due to corporate abandonment, ADT and Samsung both will get abandoned by me. So no more Galaxy phones, no more Samsung TVs, no more Samsung memory upgrades for my laptops etc…

You do realize that Samsung definitely will not notice or care, right? They sell over 300 million phones every year.


Quite likely, however I can at least influence my friends and family, and I am sure I wouldn’t be alone. Between my wife, myself, my brother in law, and his wife, we have had no fewer than 20 Galaxy phones… News of bad customer treatment spreads like wildfire on social media, and I do have a lot of friends that have been buying Samsung as well. I as one person am absolutely insignificant to a company like Samsung. I as a person with social connections can, and has been able to influence purchase decisions of folks that are on the line choosing between brand A and brand B…

Like the old shampoo commercial, and they told 2 friends, and they told 2 friends etc…

I do not expect Samsung / ADT to be that stupid, but then again, I know that corporations have been known to make incredibly stupid business decisions.

You mean like phones catching fire and washing machines exploding?

Because Samsung’s been there, done that. :wink:


Literally millions of customers had devices recalled. But they’re still selling to millions more.


“Stupid”? You apparently do not understand the complexity of Samsung’s business model.

There are plenty of good business reasons for them to terminate ADT relationship regardless of the impact on the trivial number of customers affected (even if weren’t trivial, but… it is).

I’m not saying this is nice to their customers, nor do you not have every right to be angry.

But there’s no use pretending that Samsung cares, nor would actions spurred by this particular business decision affect their bottom line or long term reputation in the least.


Exploding washing machines? Now that took some seriously funky engineering…


While not at the level of the exploding / burst into flames Galaxy Note 7 debacle.

I am sure that at least SOMEBODY at Samsung is interested in making the right steps for their customers, and in turn for future business.

How bad of a hit would Samsung take if say for example they stuck everyone with the ADT SmartThings with a brick system, and basically said tough noogies, and our response was fine, no more Samsung? Probably not huge directly, but in the day and age in which we live, it IS newsworthy and would provide a fair amount of negative PR for a company that really doesn’t need bad publicity.

In all honesty, after my Galaxy S4, which I went through 6 of them under warranty, I was unsure I would ever buy another Galaxy phone, but my provider decided to upgrade me no charge to an S5 instead of shipping out another overheating S4… No problems with a Samsung phone since.

“our” is the issue. Even if there were a non-trivial number of ADT Hub customers (there aren’t). It still would require a substantial proportion of them to boycott Samsung in order to be heard.

Samsung is ubiquitous. The majority of the disgruntled ADT Hub customers would still stick with the same brand of phone as their next upgrade (or chances are it would have a Samsung manufacturered screen anyway). If there was a Black Friday sale on Samsung TV, they would choose it over others. If they upgrade one appliance in their kitchen, they’ll pick Samsung again to match the rest of their Appliances, etc…

It is seldom possible to “make” a mega-corporation do anything or change their culture. Especially over a very, very, very small niche product like the ADT Security Hub.


Does anyone know a way to reconnect your ADT panel with the ADTCanopy App. I had to delete my pan6and re add it and now is says I have to resubscribe and pay for another account even though I still have 3 months on my original account which I still have access to but it no longer sees my panel.

Call the ADT support line, and pray they take care of you without pushing you off to Samsung…

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Nope. Already did and they push me off to Samsung and Samsung pushes you off to ADT. It super frustrating.

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Call ADT back and ask to have your issue escalated if they won’t help. I had an issue getting set up initially and the first person I talked to couldn’t care less if I was a customer or not. I called back less than a minute after getting off the phone with the person I will call the phone lackey, and connected to someone that is actually good at their job and cares about customer service…

I have found ADT support to be somewhat lackluster that’s for sure… The issue is configuring ADTs service, not the SmartThings devices, this should I would think, fall under ADT. Stick to your guns and escalate until there are no solutions left…

I wonder if anyone has noticed the ADT dual brand sensors no longer functioning with ST?

On my system, the ADT door/window and motion sensors all still communicate properly with the ADT hub. Opening a door will activate the alarm countdown, for example.

But those sensors aren’t registering with any Smart Things functions. Opening the door doesn’t turn on my backyard lights for example as it used to. When I look at those items in the ST apps (either of them). They are listed there as connected and working, but since Wednesday the 21st they haven’t registered any activity. You can open an close a door and the ADT panel will beep and take notice but neither of the apps shows any change in the door status.

The hub is still doing double duty as ADT security and ST hub (automations related to my non-ADT lights and sensors still function). But, obviously, the ADT branded sensors aren’t playing well with ST.

Anyone experiencing anything similar or with thoughts on fixes?