Samsung SmartThings ADT Home Security outside of the USA

I’m from Canada and I wanted to know what everyone’s experience with setting up this hub outside of the US was like. I’ve been reading most of the posts and there is very little information. Hopefully this topic can act as a resource for everyone that owns this hub or is thinking of buying it.

I’m very interested in buying this hub as it seems to combine everything I’m looking for when it comes to home automation and security. But before I take the plunge I have a few questions. All these questions pertain to people experience setting up the hub outside of the USA.

How was the setup?
Any specific process to get this hub activated?
Any success to have monitoring activated?
Can this hub be unlocked (installer code)?
Can you replace the communicator module (Verizon) with the Canadian variant (Rogers)?
Are you currently using it only for Self-Monitoring?
How are you using this hub? What is your current setup?
Which app are you currently using (SmartThings Classic or SmartThings)?
Do you recommend to buying this hub?

Any additional info would be greatly appreciated.


I can’t answer your question on use outside the US but there is a thread you should read before purchasing…

Thanks for getting back. I read that thread and I contacted Samsung SmartThings support and they informed me that this hus is not being discontinued. I saw another poster mention this as well.

This is what I mean, there is a lot of misinformation. I’m hoping we can have something that everyone can use as a resource.

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you have to activate the ADT hub using a USA IP address. so you have to setup your Samsung Account via a USA VPN and also activate the hub on a USA VPN is you are outside the USA.

What is your location?
What VPN provider did you use ?
How long ago did you setup the panel?

Ask this user

Hi im from the UK and used Vyprvpn and i set it up directly on my router so all my traffic was going over it.

I reset the hub and let it download the firmware again via the vpn ( make sure the 4g modem is removed from the hub)

i then downloaded the smartthings classic app , and used the vpn on my phone to create a usa account on smartthings and activate.

Once done, add the hub to the classic app i think using the activation code on screen .

It then works perfect and the vpn can be disabled as you no longer need it.

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How long ago did you setup the panel?
What is your current setup like (devices connected)?
Have you tried using the SmartThings App or only the Classic?

So glad I found this was thinking of getting this system from eBay and installing it this way have one question though when you do all this and change your location with a vpn are you able to change the weather on the panel to the UK or does it have to stay with us weather showing up on the panel

Yep i changed the location after , weather works fine :wink:

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I believe i setup during Jan
I have multiple door sensors / Motion sensors & Smoke
I only have used the “Classic” app as it seems to do what i require.