Is SmartThings ADT dead? (July 2019) (Lifeshield/Blue by ADT Acquisition and Support comments on EOL)

I have an ADT Smoke Detector connected to my ADT Hub that has been doing a “loss of supervision” error every few days. I decided to delete/re-add via the Classic app. I was able to delete it through the IDE and re-add it in the Classic app via code scan - no error with camera. I have found that the device is in the IDE and Classic app, but unlike in the past it did not show up in the New app. I am going to delete it again and try to re-add in the New app. I don’t recommend adding devices in the Classic app since the app will be going away and doesn’t move new devices to the New app as it used to. But to answer your question - yes the Classic App will open the camera and add devices.

Edit - it was in the New app without a room, at the bottom - even though it had a room assignment in the Classic app. So - yes add in Classic if you want.

Have you done this this week ? Because as I said, I tried with 4 differents cell phones with the same result the camera never open in the classic App when we press “Install Code”.

Just did it this morning. I haven’t used the Classic app in a while so I had to authorize the camera for use by the app and it scanned the code and added the device fine.
Edit - iPhone 11 Pro Max 13.3.1

I took a video of this problem :

The first time the Classic App ask for the permission to open the camera then this happen everytime.

Thanks !

EDIT: All of the cell phones I have tried was Android.

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Might be a problem with the latest version of the android app. I don’t have an android but I do know you can download older versions of android apps and load them (side loading?). You may want to try that if you can.

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This just in…
After doing battle with SmartThings for more than a month to replace my ADT HUB that crapped out after following explicit reset instructions from a ST Developer, and ST refusing to acknowledge responsibility, the latest response from the ST Support Tech stated ST will be sunsetting ADT in January 2021. I sure hope that either ST engages a professional monitoring service (like they did with Scout before the ADT partnership) and/or ADT continues monitoring service with the existing Hub. Yikes!


I have a feeling this is either means the Alarm functionality will not be allowed post 2021 and the hub will continue to work, or they will just stop supporting the hub for Smartthings and it will revert to simply an alarm system.

I tend to think it means that smartthings will just stop supporting it as a hub device and we will be stuck with a alarm system with no mobile front end through smartthings. Essentially it would just be a non smart alarm unit at that point. I think this is the mostly likely case when you consider they are really trying to push to the new Smarthings API and they haven’t done anything to bring the panel up to current firmware and smartthings standards for some time. Generally speaking from what i have seen alarm companies don’t care about the underlying hardware as long as it works and they can keep taking our money I am sure ADT would be willing to keep taking our $25 a month as long as we are willing to pay it. I could be completely off but that is where i see this going after this latest statement from Smartthings.

If this is the case to it is really poor customer service on Samsungs/Smartthings part. Many of us have spent a good amount of many to built it up decent alarm system. Simply put I could use StHM and replace the hub and get new sensors for each window and door, but that would be hundreds of bucks that I already did once. They should think hard about this as it could put allot of customers off to different platforms.

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A best case scenerio would be that they kick ADT off of it completely and replace the firmware so that STHM becomes the controller and fully integrate it as a front end that way. We could keep everything and just loos ADT, but i feel like that is a huge long shot.

I had an issue earlier in the year and talked to an ADT rep who showed an interest in resolving my issue. Unfortunately, he couldn’t track down anyone at ADT who was knowledgeable about the ADT Smartthings system. I got the feeling that this was coming.

I have been looking around at other options to be ready when the day comes… not sure that I want to give any more business to Samsung/SmartThings OR ADT at this point.

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@SmartThings @shravan

This is a potentially significant important piece of info for the ADT Smarthings community that use this panel. If this is really going a way in January we really need a official announcement in the near future so that we can properly plan.

Frankly the statement of sunsetting ADT does not create a clear picture. What does this mean? Is the ADT side of the panel going to be removed and it will just be a hub? Is the hub going to be simply no longer supported and it will only function as a alarm system? Will the hub just simply be broken by turning off both ADT and Smartthings? Or will the STHM take over as controlling the alarm system and it will continue to function for users.

This needs to be answered soon so the community can start to plan now for how to move forward with something so important as a s security system.


In addition to the statement in email from ST Support Tech, in conversation with ADT Support specialist in ST a few days ago, he confirmed the Jan 1st sunset. He could not confirm if ADT will continue a separate monitoring service for us, but felt an official announcement (if only internal to ADT) would come in the next few weeks. ST Tech suggested I could still utilize the ADT Panel as a LOCAL alarm. NOT the support I was seeking.

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Would be nice to get an official announcement from SmartThings. January is only a few months aways. People need time to make decisions and possibly get new hardware, that seems to be difficult to find.


My concern is that though some of my cloud based components of my Home Automation setup will continue to work like my ecobee thermostat, my arlo cameras and a few wemo plugs, most of my stuff is directly connected to the hub. Other then those items I made a point of only getting things that directly connected to the hub when possible. Then I also made a point of using dual branded sensors when possible so i didn’t have to double buy motion and contact sensors for both the alarm and Smartthings. Basically if they drop support for the built in Smartthings hub, then all of my stuff just stops. I am not excited abut needing to buy 4 or 5 motion sensors, over 20 contact sensors and a new hub just to become functional again. Especially when I already spent hundreds on the dual branded sensors that already worked with the hub i have that cost 499 when first released. I spent hundreds on this gear not long ago and smart things is just going to kill it because they don’t want to find a way to support it.

If they kill this device owners of the V2 hub should be worried as well since the hardware is basically equivalent on the smartthings side of the system. What is ironic about that is that the V2 hardware is actually more powerful then the V3 hub.

I really hope before they turn off the ADT Smartthings panel they fully announce what hubs will work going forward. As of right now i don’t even know how to keep my system working with Smartthings if i wanted to. I can’t go buy a Smartthings hub now as i understand it. Simply what are they thinking. If they don’t have a new hub avaliable in the US by the time this happens i have no choice but to move my entire environment to Hubitat or something similar and ditch Smartthings all together.


So frankly i decided not to wait and be at the mercy of Smartthings. After a bit of contemplating and reviewing several other threads on topics ranging from the platform migration to the new api system, and the abandonment of the hardware market completely, I ordered a alternate hub that will integrate with Smartthings for the time being. Once setup i can make things work as they are now and if they decide to totally toast the hub in the panel then i will worry about replacing the lost functionality from the Dual Branded sensors and do it in a managed pace.

I still think that since this isn’t as simple as going out and upgrading a hub Samsung should do something for it’s customers that will have gear that is essentially E-waste when this is done.


What did you buy?

I ordered up the Hubitat Evo C7 Hub. I should be able to set it up to interface with everything in Smartthings. How easy that will be is still up for debate and “should” be the optimum word.

The big advantage it has for me is the if i remember right it was created by folks involved with the early environment of Smartthings. For that reason it will be familiar for us that code as i believe it supports groovy. It is also all local so no cloud component at all. It isn’t without faults as most things are, but other then Smartthings this is the one i know the most about that is as feature rich as i would like.

This is correct. Many ST drivers and apps are usable in Hubitat with very few changes. I’m using a ST driver in HE for one of my everspring contact sensors.

This is very upsetting. I just got the ADT Tools integration working perfectly with my SmartThings Hub and ADT/SmartThings Hub. I also just installed 2 used iPads in various places in my home that act as Alarm Panels. They are running a Kiosk Software and again… working perfectly.

I have about 20 Dual Branded Contact Sensors and 2 Dual Branded Motion Sensors. The remainder of my home are generic Z-Wave Contact sensors in Windows and Doors (total of 14) or Zooz Z-Wave Motion Sensors (total of 4). I also have Z-wave Sirens and other items related to the install.

I have even integrated all of this into Amazon Echo so that the Echos in the home are used as the speakers for Doors and Windows opening along with announcements of the ADT/ST Panel changing modes or being armed when you enter the home.

The ADT Tools is one of the best Smartapps I have used and as stated, working perfectly.

I will cross my fingers that the part going away is the ADT Support Side of this and all Functions will remain with SmartThings. I do not use the monitoring service at all.

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one has to ask…why did you go with the ADT hub? it’s been sketchy at least since July 2019 and you aren’t using the professional monitoring.