WTB: ADT SmartThings Door and Window Sensors

I have sort of let my ADT SmatThings hub just work for about the last year and really haven’t done much with it. I am now just getting ready to add some door and window sensor to the unit when I find out there are no reasonably priced ones available. Called Samsung only to find out they stopped any further production or development of the system. Now I either have to junk the system and start over or get gouged by people selling sensors for $45 on ebay. I need 6 and refuse to pay almost $300 for them. This is ridiculous. Are there still any decently priced sensors left? What is everyone else doing?

I gave up on the ADT hub and went back to my V2 hub, no firmware updates for over a year and no more will likely happen. It sucks I know.

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Too good not to share! Just found this item on Mercari. Tap the link to sign up and get $10 off.

Do you use ADT Monitoring?

If not just use any Door/window sensor with a external siren and use ADT Tools to help with triggering a audible alarm

Hey there! @eb_fish,

If you are looking for good multipurpose sensors to get your system up and going.
I’d recommend the Samsung Smartthings Multipurpose sensor.
It will help you accomplish your goal of new door/window sensors, while staying cost efficent.
Monitoring Open/Close contact sensors, Monitor temperature, Vibration, and Battery Life all from the ST Application.

I also see the price point starts at 19.99 and 6 of them will set you back 119.94 + plus taxes.

This would be a cost-effective way to implement 6 new sensors into your system. :slight_smile:

I wanted to include this direct link for your review: https://www.samsung.com/us/smart-home/smartthings/sensors/samsung-smartthings-multipurpose-sensor-2018-gp-u999sjvlaaa/

I hope this message finds you well!

Samsung’s Multipurpose sensor are not monitored by ADT as ADT would not monitor sensors they don’t manufacture because of false positives. Kinda bad advice there.

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