Is my garage door compatible w/ gocontrol? Chamberlain Liftmaster

Hey guys. I’m finally looking at getting my garage door automated. I’m trying to determine if mine is compatible or not but am having trouble identifying the model I have. There are no numbers on the side. It just says Chamberlain lift master, which confuses the issue more as the non compatibility list shows Chamberlain and lift master as separate products? I’m attaching a picture of the back of the device. Hopefully sprint can point me in the right direction.

I believe it’s the 41ac050-1m. Can someone confirm this model is compatible?

That’s the receiver board part number. The model number will probably be on the control panel.

In any case, the people to ask would be gocontrol technical support:

I think this is the same setup. Might help.

The Chamberlain group is one company that makes several different lines of garage door controllers.

Chamberlain is their DIY brand.
Liftmaster is intended for professional installers.
Craftsman are mostly rebranded chamberlain models sold at Sears.

The models are not identical.

Models from any of these lines which are preconfigured to work with the MyQ system will not work with the gocontrol devices, even though they may use some of the same parts, which is why it would be good to get the model number.

(By the way, Nortek is one of the largest manufacturers of Zwave devices in the US. Like the chamberlain group, they sell devices under several different brand names, including two gig, linear, gocontrol, and Nutone.)

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According to the info at

Mine is compatible with Chamberlain models:

• 3245

• 3255

• PD210D

• PD212D

• HD200D

So according to the non compatibility list from go control I should be good right?

You should ask gocontrol support. They can confirm one way or the other.

from that picture it appears you have no wired indoor button - Is that right? So your indoor control is a wireless keypad ?

Ain’t gonna work with Gocontrol, unless you hack a “stupid” wireless garage door opener car-remote by soldering the Gocontrol output (actually it’s an “input”) to the car-remote button contacts. That has been done.

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@ero4444 - Sorry for such a delayed response. Im pretty sure its wired. I have an indoor one and an outside one.

Was going to start a new topic but Ill post it here first.

I am looking at these on Amazon and it seems like there are several different brands listed that LOOK the same.On called GoControl, another is called Nutone, and yet a thirs called Linear. Whats the difference with these?

If in fact my controls are not hard wired, would I be able to use something like gradget to do opening?

Bump. Anybody know?

Looks like you have hardwired buttons. Top right of the tip shows the 4 terminals. I have put a Wemo Maker in my garage and just inserted the wires into the terminals along with the hardwired button.

How does it work? Can I still get notifications when it opens/closes? Can I get notifications if it’s left open? And most importantly can I auto open upon arrival? Why would I use this instead of the gocontrol.

Also still trying to understand what the difference between the gocontrol, nutone, and linear are?

Thanks for the info.

It can be set as either an on/off switch or a momentary switch. If only handles up to 24V 1A. I’m not sure about notifications if it’s operated. The answer is probably, but through IFTTT. I use it as a momentary switch for the garage door.
You can get notifications if left open as there is an additional sensor terminal on the unit
You can auto open with IFTTT geofencing

Oh, it doesn’t appear to integrate with ST, unlike the Wemo insight switches I have. Bugger. Maybe someone has coded for it??

Here’s a review someone wrote on amazon

Thanks for the info. I’d prefer something like the gocontrol i think. It’s only a few dollars more and send to be a bit more flexible. Also running through ifttt as another coke point.

Fair enough. I’m a little bit more limited where I am and this was plug and play for me so I’m happy enough with it. Not that impressed with Wemo stuff overall though. A lot of issues with its rule engine

I just wish I could figure out the difference with the tyre I have listed. They all look like identical devices but can’t figure out if there is a difference or not. Hopefully someone will give along and let me know.

I recall looking at a wiring diagram for your garage door opener-motor-unit and the 4 terminals in your picture were just for the limit switches that stop the door travel. You can trace the wires to these limit switches and I expect they do not go to your wall-mounted controller.

The “learn button” is to pair the wireless wall-mounted controllers to the opener-motor-unit. Even if there is “wire” to your wall-mounted controller, it may just be 24vac power for the controller, but the actual signal to open/close is sent wirelessly. So I expect that you don’t have a simple wall-mounted wired switch, which is what the Gocontrol Zwave device emulates. You can clarify your wall-mounted controller by taking a picture of it on the wall, and take off the cover and show its connections.

The workaround is to solder the Gocontrol output to the mechanical contacts of the button in the wireless wall-mounted controller. There are several instances of forum posts doing this. I’ll see if I can find one with this crappy forum search: