Garage Recommend?

Is there any kind of sensor for garage to open/close and more? I thought I had read that Aeotec made one that ties into existing, but not seeing on Amazon or anything. I have a double door garage and mostly interested in controlling one door, but monitor both and whatnot. Thoughts?

Use this to open and close one garage door (uses z-wave and connects to Smartthings)

Use a Smartthings multi purpose sensor for the other door to monitor open/close.


You can do what @eric182 says, or you can use a MIMO2+ to control and monitor both doors. Here’s more info:

Just be aware that the linear/go control option does meet UL 325 safety standards and just hotwiring the garage control with a mimolite does not. Plus you’d still have to buy an additional sensor device if you use the Mimolite where the gocontrol comes with its own sensor. So just something to be aware of. :sunglasses:


I used the IRIS version of the GoControl/Linear garage door opener. Purchased at Lowe’s. It’s functioned flawlessly since day one. Its comes with a tilt sensor to give actual door state. The unit flashes/beeps for several seconds before open or close. There is a one minute delay between allowed opening/closing. Multiple units will work for multiple garage door openers.

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I couldn’t agree more. I have a single garage door, and this device is great. I use to use a Mimolite, but that starting having problems, so out it went.


I considered using a Mimolite, but the IRIS controller was too close in price and the safety features are a huge plus.


So looking at the 2 mentioned above, the Iris specs don’t list z-wave but a search says it is z-wave. Additionally, the Go Control seems the same and both are same price. But you all are saying the Iris is the better option?

In my research, some say things about not working with the “Security +” openers via Liftmaster. Anyone have input on that as it relates to these?

See the following FAQ (this is a clickable link)

If you choose the GoControl, or whatever name is on it, be aware that the GD00Z-4 is not 100% compatible out of the box. The opener that is connected to the GD00z-4 needs to be modified to work with SmartThings. I found this article useful:
After I made the mod, it worked for me.

Here is another mod. This one is for the opener itself. I did not try this one.
How I Made Linear's GD00Z-4 Work with LiftMaster's MyQ Door Opener

and here is a setup guide:
N00bs guide to ST & GD00Z (Garage Door Controller)

Good Luck.

And I wouldn’t expect it to since the typical customer is looking for compatibility to their Iris hubs.

I have an older Liftmaster with just the time/temperature display, motion sensor, and button wall controller, and it works just fine; but you need to check compatibility and you may need to make a modification like @tpetchy mentions.

The GD00Z is 100% compatible with smartthings out of the box. All of the adaptions that you linked to were about getting it to work with a particular physical garage opener. But it would’ve had the same issues if you wanted it to work with wink or Iris or any other hub as long is you were using that physical garage opener. It wasn’t an issue about compatibility with SmartThings .

If you stick to physical garage door openers which are on the official gocontrol compatibility list, it will work with SmartThings out of the box.


Could have sworn what I had was Liftmaster, but it is a Chamberlain with the purple learn button. That said, it would seem that going with the MyQ would be a better option, correct? I can see some threads where it works out of the box with ST and maybe even better than the 3rd party stuff?

The IRIS and GoControl/Linear are the exact same thing. Just rebranded

I’m not familiar enough to say that for sure, but I recall that the MyQ integration was also a bit of a challenge.


The Iris/GoControl Device is on the official compatibility list, so you can get help from SmartThings support if you need it and it does work out of the box as long is you have one of the officially compatible physical garage door controllers.

MyQ is not on the official compatibility list and the unofficial integration has been shut down at least once from chamberlain’s side because it violated their terms of service. So if you are looking at forum postings, make sure they are dated 2018 or later as a lot has changed over time.

If you are paying for the MyQ IFTTT Service you can get some integration that way, but the last time I looked it only allowed you to close the door from SmartThings, not open it.

If you want to use custom code, you can get more functionality, but again it’s not officially supported and set up is much more complex than for the iris/gocontrol device. See The following thread for the most popular current option:


We’re in a brand-new home and I specified Chamberlain/Liftmaster garage openers with their built-in Wi-Fi thinking they’d be best for automation. Not so much.

There is no native integration between SmartThings and Chamberlain.

There are several user-built SmartApps here. But, due to limitations imposed by Chamberlain, they all seem to require adding a tilt sensor to infer door open/close state. The openers have their own door state info but seems it’s only accessible by polling and frequent polling isn’t allowed.

Oh, and you can pay Chamberlain $10/year if you want to use their IFTTT channel.


If the opener has MyQ on the side of it, I don’ think the GD00Z units will work without the modifications listed above. We also bought a new home with a Liftmaster opener. I didn’t want to go the MyQ route since it’s not ST compatible. It does work well though so if you’re not trying to do everything in ST, it’s a good no-hack option. MyQ is kind of a joke though. Nobody wants their garage door opener ecosystem to be the hub. If anything, its a tire/nipple/spoke to exploit the metaphor.

As for the hack, I figured for $8 I would take a chance and see if I could do it. I love to sprinkle salt in proprietary systems. I bought one of the 883LM button openers off Ebay for $7.86 shipped. Chamberlain still got a few bucks from me! Then, soldered the circuit board between the GZ and opener, as in the online forums. Pretty simple, 15 mins max with my old and basic $4 soldering iron. Toss the plastic housing/button cover or I guess you could have a floating button above your opener! The GD00Z sends an open/close signal and the button thinks it’s been pushed and sends the encoded signal to the opener. At least that’s how I interpret it to work. Mine worked on the first time and has not had a single hiccup. There is a contact you place on your door so that GoControl->ST knows if the door is up or down. The signal sent is generic, i.e. if you’re closed, open; if you’re open, close.

I can send close up pics if you go down this path.