Go Control - New Garage Door Opener

What recent garage door opener models are compatible with the gocontrol device? What are you using? Amazon links?

In the smartthings app it has native support for Iris and Linear Go Control devices to open garage door openers. My friend had Linear for his old garage door and said it worked fine so i went ahead and got that. My garage door is 20+ years old and unfortunately i couldnt find the manual anywhere on line. This was the start of my problems.

There were 4 hook-ins to tighten wires down with screws. 1 and 2 were hooked to the sensors/wall switch and the 2nd two were blank. The tester in me decided to try and use the 3 and 4 screws to see if it worked; it didnt so i figured they were either shot or for another use. I then proceeded to move the wires around and test by opening and closing the garage door and figure out what the other items were and if they really were busted. Figured out the 3rd one is for the opener light.

After playing around with it i decided to hook up to the same wiring as the button/sensors and it worked! Though after testing it 2-3 times to ensure working it cut out. I then had to wait a few minutes with a few unplugging and plugging back in to get it to finish going up or down.

Worried that i shorted something i connected the original wires to test. The same thing happened. Waiting some time appears as if its able to open/close but if i want to do anything beyond that it appears to short out and i have to wait time and unplug/plugin.

All that being said im looking for a new garage door opener unfortunately. Looking at amazon i found them for roughly $200 and they contract out an install for around $150; this was my original understanding to get an idea on how much this was going to cost me. The $90 smart addition to my house is now getting expensive but i accept that it was an old garage door and probably needed a replacement anyways.

As im looking through what is compatible and what isnt it appears as if most of the new garage door openers that the local garage door companies are selling are Chamberlain or lifemaster which on the gocontrol pdf it advises many of the models the local installers had were incompatible. Link: http://www.gocontrol.com/zwave/Linear-GD00Z-Product-Compatibility-Notice.pdf

On top of this it seems like the local installers are charging $600+ for a opener and installation! That being said I’d like to more than likely go the amazon purchase/installation if possible but I want to make sure i get something that 100% works rather than get it all installed and find out my gocontrol wont be compatible thus rendering the whole initiative useless.

That being said, the question above at the beginning remains. Are there any new garage doors that are compatible with the gocontrol device? Preferably ones that are on Amazon. In talking with gocontrol customer service they only have a list of what IS NOT compatible and no reference to what IS compatible. They said anything with MyQ or liftmaster smart connections does not work. Help please :slight_smile:

These GoControl sensors are really just a switch that shorts between it (closed) to mimic you pressing that button on your wall. Did you read the directions? I seem to remembering the instructions basically telling you to install it parallel to your inside button.

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The verbiage it uses is the following:

“Connect the GD00Z-4 connection wires to the pushbutton wall console terminals on the garage door opener.
The terminals may be named “PWC”, “WC”, “PB”, “PUSHBUTTON”, or “RED and WHITE”.Terminal names and locations vary by model”

Unfortunately i was unable to locate the manual for my opener anywhere and was unsure if i could connect 2 wires to the same jacks so tested the other inputs. I eventually learned they could go to the same slot but it seemed as if it was too late and that i had already shorted/done the damage to the main unit as it has problems going through a full open/close cycle without shutting down.

Hence thats why im looking for a new garage door opener that would be compatible with it. :slight_smile:

The key is looking at the button on the wall in the garage. If its just a simple doorbell looking button, then it most likely will work. If its some complex gizmo with multiple buttons, screens, etc, then it likely won’t work.

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that is some guidance that the gocontrol person gave as well however its not the end all be all solution due to some of the complexities in the openers that have “smart stuff” integrated already unfortunately. I dont want to go with one of those as they arent natively supported by Smartthings; thats why i bought the GoControl to be a seamless interaction with my other smarthings compatible devices. I’d jsut like to get some feedback from anyone who has bought a new garage door and or knows for certain that one works. I couldnt imagine spending $400 only to have my go control not work and then im no better than i was in the beginning :frowning:

We’ve tried to compile a list of potential garage door openers GoControl/Linear may be compatible with:

Having said that, Nexx Garage door controllers are also excellent and they have expanded capability for the newer digital garage door controllers like MyQ/Chamberlain etc. We’re talking with them on integrating them into SmartThings but it’ll take some time.

Sigh i actually bought the Nexx one first but then returned it based on it not being Smartthings compatible natively. I see some chamberlain items on there but the one on Amazon that has the best reviews isnt on the list unfortunately. I was looking @ the following because it didnt appear to have anything fancy with it:

In addition ive heard Genie doesnt really have the best reputation and doesnt have realy good reviews either :frowning:

If you’re looking at new garage door openers, you can look at the Chamberlain/LiftMaster MyQ series which works with SmartThings

in the smartthings app it only shows linear and iris


i know there are custom items that can be done, but as someone starting out, i’d like to learn my way around with native working stuff first.

@RBoy is there something im missing with being able to use smartthings with the MyQ series? i dont see it in the smartthings app.

Is your current opener working again? Most openers can’t be operated consecutatively. They will overheat and it will take a while for them to cool down and the thermal overload circuit to reset. Just wondering if that was your situation.

Out of the box, this is true. However, it can be modified to work well without the need for MyQ app integration, which I view as a crutch that could be totally invalidated on any whim by the MyQ folks.

I purchased a Craftsman 57918 1 Horsepower DieHard® Battery Backup Ultra-Quiet Belt Drive Garage Door Opener (which is a Liftmaster opener, just privately branded.) It has MyQ. I did not want to use a one-purpose app to control the garage door, so I looked to integrate it to my ST.

I used this walk-thru here to success.

I didn’t want to solder the original push button, so I purchased this button in addition to the kit, soldered it and left it in the ceiling with the GoControl.

It works great! The only bummer is that I cannot execute the open/close garage routine from my Google Home mini as it’s a restricted command. But that’s not a functionality knock, just an integration hiccup.

Yeah i think this is the situation but i think something wore down while testing the garage door through opening and closing a bunch. Thus I dont feel confident it will be successful with everyday usage in the event it needs to open and close a few times.

Thanks for the input! That exactly what i want to do is be able to tell google something like “Its bedtime” and have it check the garage is closed, arm house, turn off lights etc. I think i MIGHT be able to do it through an app called stringify where it can chain things together but need to look into it more. Might want to check it out yourself! :slight_smile:

Edit: @e30vandy i posted this out after i read your post and didnt look at the link yet and then come to find your solution involved stringify haha :smile:

Two of my garage door openers died last summer and they were 20+ years old. You never know.

I think I’ve settled on the following:

Theres just too many bad reviews on the Genie openers. There was a review that they had some issues with theirs and reached out to local companies to repair and all of them said they wouldnt touch a Genie and they were poor quality. I just want to see if i can find someone who actually uses this one with a gocontrol/linear if possible. It doesnt have the MyQ so id HOPE it would work but theres no guarantee.

that one looks like it should work with the GD00z

popped it out of the box and it has MiQ on it sigh

Update: Contacted a contractor and he is able to get me a Linear garage door opener which im pretty sure that Gocontrol/Linear are similar companies so im going to call up GoControl in an hour and see if they can confirm it will work with the Linear LDO50 model.

I just went through the same trouble getting my Chamberlain to work with Linear GD00Z-5.

Since the console has some advanced features, the Linear relay did not work when I hooked it up to the same terminals as the console.

I tried to follow the directions at the link above. I wired Linear to the “open/close” button terminals of the console, but it didn’t work.

I ended up wiring the “open/close” button directly to the garage door opener and hooked up Linear in parallel to that. This effectively turned my smart console into a simple push button.

This way the family members won’t be confused if they need to manually trigger the garage door. I lost the advanced functions of the garage door opener such as time display, temperature and motion detector, but no one cares. In case I need to access the advanced functions such as remote button programming, I can always temporarily hook up the console to the original terminals.

may not be an issue. They have MyQ ready and MyQ integrated models. The ready ones may still work with the GD00z

Thanks for the personal experience there! This community is awesome! Fortunately I contacted a contractor who has access to one of the only warehouses in the area that sell Linear openers. I reached out to Linear and they said all their openers are compatible with go control. Contractor should be setting it up on Tuesday!

Man… this smart stuff is getting fun reading all the possibilities. Looking into air quality sensors and what i can do with the IFTTT stuff…im going to be broke hahaha :slight_smile:

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