GoControl Garage Door Opener with Chamberlain C205

Hi i have 2 newer Chamberlain C205 Garage Door Openers. These have the Yellow Learn button. These units appear to be MyQ ready openers i am assuming a bridge etc. is needed? I have a GoControl Unit from a previous home and the tilt sensor reads the proper Open/Closed status via Smartthings and when i click open or close the unit flashes and makes noise but never opens or closes. Wires are all checked and proper and working etc. i am wondering if i should just get a bridge or what is the best way to get these openers working with ST?


I don’t know your specific opener, but the test to see if the GoControl will work is simple. Do you have two terminals on your opener that when shorted will open/close the door? If so, then the GoControl will work.

To find those two terminals, you can trace the wiring from a single button open/close device (if you have one). Take a piece of wire and short those two terminals. If the door goes up or down, use those two terminals for the GoControl.

There is a GoControl compatibility list published here somewhere.

I was under the impression that the wiring on the chamberlain wasn’t compatible. But I believe I read about a work around.


Here is a list of compatible garage door controllers:

You’re right the newer Chamberlain/Liftmaster digital controllers aren’t compatible directly. The workaround was to wire the GoControl device to the “wall button”.

The other option is to buy a Chamberlain gateway device and use the MyQ integration to control it through ST.

ok so yea totally not compatible so purchased the MyQ Internet Gateway which is awesome it works great and does exactly what i want EXCEPT i dont see anyway integration to get this into ST? Any suedo backdoor or trick to this or did Chamberlain completely kill integration?


Try this app it should still work.

Please let me know if this still works. I saw another thread from 2017 saying that Chamberlain had killed the API for this. There was an official response in the thread from Chamberlain saying that they were working with ST integration in the coming months. I don’t know about you, but I’m not holding my breath.

The only way I know of to get Chamberlain openers to work with ST is to get the GoControl and wire it to the Chamberlain wall switch. The GoControl will effectively work as a pseudo button press on the wall switch. You have to solder the GoControl opener wires to 2 points inside the wall switch to get this to work.