Go Control /linear gd00z4 contact not opening

Hooked up gd00z4 to an older chamberlain garage door opener. (uses lighted doorbell button to open and close garage door). Paired fine. When I open or close using app, it works but then won’t go the other way when pushed again and doorbell button won’t work then either and isn’t lit. It’s as if controller is keeping contact closed. (similar to not taking finger off physical button). If I then unplug controller, it resets and the doorbell button works again and is lit. Any suggestions to correct would be great.

What model Chamberlain?

How do you have the GoControl connected? A lot of Chamberlains are not compatible with the GoControl controller.

I’ll have to let you know on the model in a few. Unfortunately, had to work today. It’s not a fancy one. The button to open it from inside is literally a doorbell. When I replaced the garage door opener, I left the old button. The controller wires are connected exactly where the button wires are connected to the back of the unit.

Also, is there a way to change go controller somewhere to work as a momentary switch? That’s really what the problem is. It doesn’t stop sending the signal which locks up the garage door opener.

That’s interesting, because published work-arounds discuss exactly what you did.

Did you arrive at this conclusion by testing with the GoControl disconnected and manually bridging the two terminals to replicate the issue or by putting a meter on the GoControl disconnected from the opener to see what it’s doing? I’m not presently where my GoControls are, but maybe someone can test theirs to see if momentary or fixed closure is normal for a GoControl. I would have thought the stock behavior would be momentary.

garage door opener model and the info on the linear controller. I tested buy disconnecting wires from controller and manually bridging. It continued to keep contact closed so when I touched to terminals it would go one way, then the other.

Does it work if you leave the old button disconnected?

No. Tried that based on another post here. It’s just that the controller is holding the contact in instead of being momentary. I’m trying to find out if it’s a setting or something in the controller is faulty. I’m going to try gocontrol customer service later this morning. Thought someone here could verify that for me instead.

If it uses a Digital button controller it may not be compatible. Here’s a list of compatible openers:

Mine is on that list. Chamberlain LW2000. It has an actual doorbell for the button.

The controller is definitely momentary. If you have a multi meter you could verify it. Or you can use a make shift contact tester using a zwave contact sensor to test it as well. If it’s sticking then it’s defective

I get arrow code 1 up/ 3 down when I try to control my new Chamberlain LW2200 with Smartthings and GoControl GD00z-4. I already control a Liftmaster 3255M in the same way. Both GoControl devices can trigger the 3255M, and both give the same arrow error codes with the LW2200.

Were you ever able to get your LW2200 to work with the GoControl? I’ve got a GD00Z-8 and I’m getting the same error code of 1 up/ 3 down when I trigger the gocontrol.

Yeah, I had to solder leads to the push-button contacts in the digital wall button to connect the GoControl to.