GE Z-Wave switch(es) not working

Hi All, I’m new to Smart Things and home automation. Got my V2 hub this week and the first thing I did was install a GE Z-wave smart switch to control my front porch light, as well as a GE Z-Wave Smart Switch (plugs in to outlet) to control the Christmas Tree Lights. Well, they both worked great fro the first few hours.

The switch that controls the porch light works about 30% of the time and when I’m home it usually takes about 5 seconds after I turn it on or off to work (if it works at all). Sometimes I’ll turn it on and off a few times and nothing will happen, then all of a sudden it will flash on and off several times (or however many times I tried to turn it on and off).

The outlet that the Christmas Tree lights are plugged in to works even less (and less reliably).

I thought perhaps the issue was my ST hub was too close to my wireless router and too far from the outlets so I moved it into my living room. Worked great for about 10 minutes. Thought it was fixed. Later that night when going to bed back to the same issues.

Anybody have any ideas?

Thanks in advance for your time.

After moving it, did you do a z-wave repair?

Also, the number of devices makes a difference. More devices, stronger mesh, more reliable.

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No. Because the hub never went off. I’ll reboot and do a z-wave repair.

Thanks for the 2nd part as well. Didn’t know that. I already plan to add 2 more devices, but if these 2 didn’t work I didn’t want to add 2 more that didn’t as well.

Thanks again for the feedback.

When I only had a few, it was unreliable. I have over 200 now. It works pretty well.

Funny, now that you mention it. I noticed that when I could get the porch light to work…the Christmas lights plug would work for a short time after.

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