Gocontrol Garage Opener GD00Z-4 Nightmare

This is the third time I’m buying the gocontrol garage door opener and trying to make it work reliably but no luck. At first I thought my detached garage which is 50 ft away from ST hub is the issue of device being offline almost always after the first setup. So I bought a GE and Zooz z-wave plug and put it midway to garage to help with the signal but no luck. Now randomly when I remove and pair it back, it shows up as something like a plug with generic name, and if it’s detected as garage door opener, first I’d get a warning about devide not being securely connected, then it wouldn’t update the status of door or tilt sensor and would show working on it or offline. I tried to reset it to factory and some other things found online, but now I’m stuck with an offline garage door opener that doesn’t show any status but if I hit the open/close on the app, it’ll only open the farage door but not show anything on the app and also would never able to close the door.

Can someone please help me to keep it this time and no return it?!

It sounds like a Z-wave mesh issue, since you have tried three different units. Maybe try moving your hub out close to the device and see if it stays connected, if so then you can start working on building up your network. I have 4 of the Iris branded GDOs, which are the same unit. They do occasionally drop offline but for the most part they are pretty solid for me. I have quite a few Z-wave devices in my network. One GDO is probably more than 50’ from my hub. The hub is on one end of the house and the GDO is on the other. Almost every room in between has two GE Z-wave switches and I have 5 or 6 of the Iris V2 smartplugs that are Z-wave repeaters.

Ok so just moved it right next to the hub and still offline. Removed and added it. Still shows “Checking status…”Screenshot_20200619-193010_SmartThings

so, are you using the classic or new smartthings app, looks like the new app? if using the new app, can you try the classic app?

are you using an external IDE DH or a ST internal dh?

I tried both and the old app said unknown. Then after hitting open/close seems like it woke it up. Now it seems to be working, but not sure how long will it take till the next offline. I’ll set a device monitor to see

After adding you usually have to cycle the door to get it working. BTW there is also a procedure for pairing your GDO to the door sensor. Since this is a new unit you shouldn’t have to do that, but it couldn’t hurt, if it still has issues in a few days.

To pair the door sensor you use the following procedure.

Unplug the controller for 10 seconds then plug it back in. Then hold the reset button on the side for 10 seconds. Then Raise and lower the door twice.

My units are the Iris branded versions and I assume the procedures are the same for the Goconntrol. YMMV

Also it is important to pair the unit with the hub as close as possible.

GE plug did the job. Added a z-wave plug midway and it fixed it. First tried Zooz double plug but it’s not so good in expanding coverage.

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