Alternative to the Linear Garage Door Opener

I bought the Iris branded version of this controller and every few months the issue I have is that they stop responding. For example, right now, one garage is stuck on ‘Opening’. This state will not change unless I unplug the unit, plug it back in and then open and close from the button a few times. It’s as if it loses sync/connectivity?

My second unit rarely gets stuck on ‘Opening’. Instead, I try to use the app to open the garage and it will show ‘Opening’ but nothing happens. If I refresh the screen, the OSD in the app says ‘Closed’. Again, I need to reboot the unit and open/close the door a few times to regain connectivity.

Once I do the reboot/re-sync, I will be good for a few months until it happens again. Of course, I only learn that it’s not working once I actually need to use it to let someone in remotely, which really has defeated the purpose of the unit :(.

From my research, it seems this is a common problem with this unit. With that said, are there any reliable alternatives that I can pair up to smartthings?

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Hey John, I have the exact same issue on my Lowe’s unit as well, out of curiosity, do you know who old yours is? I got mine back in January of 2017 and I’m wondering if there has been any hardware/firmware changes since then that might have fixed this.

Purchased in April of 2016. The stats I pulled from the IDE, if it helps:

zw:Ls type:4007 mfr:014F prod:4744 model:3030 ver:1.00 zwv:3.67

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I had the same issue with both of my Iris garage door controllers for over a year. Turns out they needed a repeater somewhere in the garage to work more reliably. I plugged in a GE ZWave Outdoor Smart switch in my garage, rebuilt the zwave mesh and both have been rock solid since.

It was odd because there are a number of GE wall switches mounted within 15 ft of the controllers, but they are not physically within the garage interior. I wonder if the metal track and bracing for the garage doors absorbs the zwave signal causing reliability issues?

I am beyond frustrated with these Iris controllers. I too have had dropped connections to my ST HUB, reset last a couple months, rinse repeat. But now I have one of my controllers will no longer pair at all, I have even brought it within 3ft of my hub. I have tried everything I could find, including mfg reset of the controller. Whats anyone’s opinion of the Myq Smart garage Hub?

I had that problem initially and had it reconnected twice. After I expanded my mesh and added a smart plug as repeater in the garage, I had no disconnection in the past year.

I will take that advice and hopefully it will improve the reliability of the one that is working and perhaps help with whatever I replace this broke one with, and it figures it is 2 months beyond the warranty.