GoControl ZWave Garage Door Openers with Tilt Sensors for Sale

Today, one of my garage door openers had to be replaced and I ended back with MyQ (gulp). As a result, I decided to go all in with MyQ once again and am selling both of these. One is branded Iris because I bought it at Lowe’s, but they are essentially the same models.

PM me if interested with best offer.

Not sure why you want to sell it and why everyone is going through so much trouble with these apps etc. There is a easy work around with a $20 part that takes less than 2 minutes to install and integrates the zwave feature for smartthings or any alarm.

Item was sold. As mentioned above, switched over to MyQ since I had to get a new garage door opener, so had no need for these.

Can you elaborate on the $20 solution (and what problem it solves). I’m looking to move over to the Linear/GoControl and would like to know what to look out for beforehand.

Sure, replace or tie in this!


Christian D Emry
US Marine (combat veteran), US Navy (combat veteran)

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