Iris/Linear Garage Controller NOT working but LFM-20 Does


I picked up the Iris Garage Controller from Lowes due to the $15 off $50 discount and that my Evolve LFM-20 failed after 2 years (likely due to the close proximity of the lightbulb).

I hooked everything up, paired the controller with the SmartThing’s app but it merely beeps when I tell it to open/close the garage. It doesn’t actually do anything. My Evolve Controller on the other garage still works (it’s the same make/model). I checked my wiring and everything is connected. Should I return the unit and pick up a cheap Z-Wave relay like this instead:

Here are some pics:

Current Setup:

Previous Setup:

BTW: I am the one that made this tutorial two years ago on SmartThing’s Blog.

The open/close status is correct on the app

check with a multimeter to see if the Linear controller is sending a pulse after the beeping stops. I’ve heard of some people’s linear dying after a few years, maybe someone ‘returned’ it to lowes or it was defective.

Will definitely try again. However when I tried the smartthing app kept on saying the door status is unknown and prevented me from triggering open/close. I ordered form lowes online

Or a FortrezZ MIMOLite even though it’s just a little more expensive.

Silly question: But, after you got it connected, did you cycle the garage door manually to calibrate the open/close sensor? (You have to do that on install and everytime the controller loses power)

Also, are you using a different sensor than came with with controller to detect open/close? (I saw that you said that the door correctly showed open/close but the app saw it as unknown). If I remember correctly, the open/close sensor needs to be paired to the controller so that the controller and sensor are one object. If you are using the one that came in the box, it should have been paired correctly. However, it seems like I had to manually re-pair mine.

Yup, I manually opened and closed it. The app only showed unknown when I disconnected the controller from the opener to check the functionality with my multimeter. I am using the sensor out of the box.

I picked up the go control z-Wave relay yesterday and set it up as a monetary switch on the IDE and that is functioning without a problem so I will probably just return the Iris

Just know that using the relay may cause an issue with your homeowners insurance as it is not UL certified for garage door use.

I had this same issue when I installed mine this past weekend. Turned out I had the wires from the garage controller hooked up in the wrong spots on the actual garage opener. I know you had something hooked up before, but maybe that could be your issue?