2019 Garage Door Controller?

I have one of the ubiquitous Linear/Iris/etc. garage door controllers, but I’ve lost the ability to get it to actually open and close the door (it’ll make the warning sound when I activate it in SmartThings, but nothing happens with the garage door). I’m assuming that this is a problem with the controller and not the garage door opener itself. Assuming that assumption is correct, I’d like to buy a new controller, but I’ve noticed the various iterations of the Linear controller seem to be out of stock on Amazon and I haven’t really found anything else available, either.

Am I missing something? Is there a good choice for a controller at present?


I would check with linear support first, but that’s still the only garage door controller on the official compatibility list.

Looks like there may have been a supply chain issue, but Home Depot is taking orders for delivery in about two weeks:


if you’re up for some DYI repair, see this thread…

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