Security Keypad/Disarm Support

So SmartThings is touting itself as a security product, just look at their main site and click on uses. That said, is the only way in their mind then to manage alarms by using the phone apps? If that’s the case, and the only way to share that with family is for them to have a phone, and full permissions to add/edit/delete anything in your smart home setup? I know tgauchat has a work around, but looks like he gave up dev on that years ago. Is this a joke on us who’ve purchased this stuff? Don’t tell me to go buy something else, or get something more reliable. This is to Samsung and SmartThings staff who are selling half-baked product and ideas. Give us something that’s not a joke here; I’m not about to give my 10 year old full control of my smart home just so he can disarm or turn off an alarm. How hard is it to provide this as a fully supported, out of the box experience? Pretty frustrated with hundreds invested to find out I can’t do something so basic…
Or what’s the official way solve this, I’d be glad to buy that device to solve this basic issue.


Get a keypad.

Please do link to that which is supported and working? I can’t find that info.

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Iris keypad works with community device handlers and smartapps. But entry/exit delays for arming/disarming with the keypad requires extra steps and may or may not work well; that’s simply a limitation of smart home monitor that ST has expressed lukewarm interest (at best) in changing to respond to the many threads about this issue that have already been created.

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Search for Centralite Keypad (aka Iris available at Lowes).

Sorry, on my phone.

You can use this DTH

To connect to the iris keypad
This is what I use. And I have a core piston for different entry and exit delays depending on how it’s armed like keypad or minimote or voice command.
I would only reccomend exit delay through the lock Manager. Any other delay through smartapps other than CoRE don’t seem to work for me personally. CoRE has a lot more customization to it too so it always tends to be my go to smart app. The exit delay with the lock manager can be annoying though because keypad beeps during it. But I only tend to use keypad to disarm so it’s not really a problem.
Extra notes about the iris keypad:
It I has a temp sensor
Tamper sensor so if it’s taken off wall alarm can sound or send you a text
Motion sensor if hand swiped in front of it. Can be used to automate scenes.
Also when you swipe hand in front of keypad it lights up and will show you if it’s set to on (armed away), off (disarmed), and partial (armed home).

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I’d put a little time into refreshing the “Buttons As PIN” SmartApp (which if used with keyfob based multi-button Things makes for a great “2-Factor” security trigger!)… but the level of interest is too small. With not sufficient interest, SmartThings won’t review and publish a SmartApp.

Not sure how that’s resolved. Looks like there’s some options though - with this Iris pad.

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Thanks Jordan,
This is helpful. What is CoRE? Where is it found and LockManager. I don’t see them in smartapps under Security.


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You have to add then in the smartthings IDE
the code for CoRE can be found here

And the smart lock smart app code can be found at the same linkI posted earlier that talks about the iris keypad.

Wow Andrew! Kinda tough there on SmartThings! :slight_smile: The thing I like about ST is that I don’t need a keypad. For kids and guests, you can get a ST Arrival Sensor (, which is like a key fob. Like the phone, when the key fob nears the hub, the system automatically disarms. When the key fob and all other configured phones leave the hub, the system arms.

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