Iris contact sensor working with st hub ver 2

Hi Guys. I am new to the forum and just recently made my first purchase of the samsung hub and some sensors. My question is does the lowes iris contact sensor (2nd gen) work with samsung smart things. I know reviewed some post and they seem to work, but can i pair the senor with the hub and get all the features such as temp or do i have setup as a generic senor. Like I said im new and am looking to avoid any issues with setup. I try and keep my senor purchases to the smarthings brand but am hoping to arm my 5 windows downstairs with the iris sensor since it would save me some money. Again thanks for taking the time to read my post and I look forward to being a part of this wonderful community.

They should be recognized as a standard SmartSense O/C sensor at inclusion. If they just show up as " thing" go into IDE and change the device type to SmartSense OC

OK. Thank you so much for your help. I’m heading out today to get a few st’s and some iris sensors. I just hope I dont put myself n the poor house because it takes great restraint not to buy everything…lol. Thanks again.

They work great and are recognized natively as a SmartSense Open/Closed Sensor. I have a few and they are fast and reliable.

Haha, be careful! These relatively inexpensive sensors are a gateway device and pretty soon, you’re going to want more and more. It’s a good thing there’s this thread to help you recover, or not.

If you do get hooked, this will help you feed your addiction. :wink:

Might want to wait a couple days before going out to buy them.

Thanks guys. I was able to setup the lowes sensor with no problem. Slowly everything is coming together. I’ll keep an eye on the lowes website to see if the sensors go on sale since I only brought one. I’m loving the smart home but I hope I don’t have to get a third job for.this addiction…lol.

I do have one more question…having a hard time setting up the routine to arm when no one is home. The alarm keeps going off when I exit and then enter and my wife is still.inside. Any help is appreciated.