Detailed instructions for adding iris open close sensor

Can somebody please give me detailed instructions on how to add the Lowe’s iris open close sensor to Smartthings V2 hub?

I know I have to change the device type to a smart sense, but when do I do this and is it the first thing I do? I need detailed instructions please. Thank you.

I would also like to know if he’s take the same type of batteries CR – 2450 same batteries as the Smartthings sensors.

I have a bunch of the motions and followed the instructions here with no problems. This should also work for your contacts, obviously use the smart sense contact instead of motion.

However I just added another motion last night and ST found it as a iris motion sensor and automatically set it to smart sense motion device type. It seems like ST has updated the pairing for these devices. Have you tried looking for new devices and pulling the battery tab to see what happens?

I just ordered two of them. I didn’t get them yet. I just want to be ready for when they come. I read the post that you sent me the link. Thank you. Do you suggest that I pull the battery tab first and wait and see what happens? Then it should be found as a thing. Right? Then go into my IDE and change the device type?

After my experience last night I would just click connect new device in the app and then pull the tab. See if it finds it as a iris contact then check in the ide and see what the device type is. If it’s smart sense contact you should b good to go. If not then I would follow the instructions in the link.


I just looked at the code for the device type, and it looks like it should pair up without any of the steps I outlined in the post @2l82try1 referenced.

These also use the same battery. Here’s more info:

OK will do thank you. I just ordered two of these from Lowe’ total came to just under $28. I wanted to stick with all smart things brand, but that price can’t be beat I’ll give it a try thank you.

They’re actually made by the same company, Centralite

When I installed several last week they came right up as a SmartSense device, no changes needed in the IDE.

Also, Lowes in Chelsea (zip 10011) has them on sale for like $11.18 each

You want Item #: 690400 | Model #: 3320-L .
Pretend that you are in 10011 zip-code area (that gives you $11.18 price)
Free shipping
Use the discount codes (10% and $10/50 seem to work) from

And I believe if you use your Lowes card at purchase, you might get an additional 5%

Good luck


I received my iris open close sensors in the mail today. Pulled the battery tabs, and they were immediately recognized as a smartsense open close sensor. Temperature and battery status reporting as expected. These are nice! I got two for 28 bucks!