Lowes Iris Motion Sensor Alternative

Ahh dang, I just went to the Lowes website to order another batch of motion sensors and it looks like they’re no longer sold. When I first jumped into SmartThings, I used the ST & Philips motion sensors and didn’t care for them, still don’t. Then someone here, I think JD, recommended the Iris sensor. It’s been pretty bullet proof, good battery, etc. But they’re no longer avail! What are people using these days? I’ve been away from our group for a while but i need to refresh some things in my home. Thanks!

The Samsung motions are pretty solid and have similar characteristics. I only have 1 which I used for testing purposes.

Thank you. I also have a few of them and don’t care for them or their form factor. The reason I asked about finding an Iris replacement is that they’re relatively cheap and pretty reliable.

I got mine on eBay for $13 and free shipping.