iOS Smartthings app - No driver section for local execution

Good morning.
My iPhone 11 is running iOS 15.4.1
The Smartthings app is version 1.6.83-12
The firmware version of the ST hub is 000.042.00007
I’m based in Belgium, not sure if location is an issue

In the ST app, when I open the hub in devices and tick on the three ellipses in the upper right corner I only see "Edit - “Z-Wave Utilities” and “Information”
I was expecting to see “Drivers” as well.

If I’m not mistaken, what could be the issue please?

Thank you

If you have enrolled your hub in a channel then yes you should expect to see ‘Drivers’. On one of my hubs it appears but is greyed out. I don’t know if that is because the hub is offline or if it needs to actually have a driver installed to become active (which would be a little silly).

So the first question, is how far have you got? Enrolled in a channel? Installed a driver? Installed a device?

Having said all that I don’t know what happens if you are only using stock drivers that are installed automatically.

And the other question is: do you share the home with another account?

In my case, I enroll the hub using an account X that is in my tablet, but I share home with an account Y that is in my phone.
The option “Drivers” only shows up in my tablet.
Even though both accounts have access to the same hub.

I hadn’t noticed that before. The second account doesn’t see ‘Driver’ in device details either.

Even if that account is the one that installs a driver it can’t see it in the app. I haven’t tried installing a device with that account to see what happens.

Interesting. I didn’t know that.

It wasn’t a robust test …

I logged in to the ST beta channel via a browser using the second account and it could see the already enrolled hubs and installed drivers. So I installed another driver. I still couldn’t see “Drivers” on the hub page in the app from that account, but could from the primary account.

What I just called the ‘primary’ account is the ST Location owner as well as being the account I first used to enroll the hubs and install drivers and devices. I haven’t established which of those two things may be significant.


Thank you for the tips.
I have now the drivers options available in the ST app.
Next step is having a supported device with a local driver.
Thanks again!