SmartThing Hub STH-ETH-250 All Devices Offline

I did a factory reset to my STH-ETH hub and when I add it to my SmartThings it appears in my HUB account but it does not show me MAC Address or Local IP Address and that it does not support Z-WAVE. All this happened suddenly with all the Z-WAVE devices were appearing offline and I did a factory reset. The options in the App Smartthings iOS also do nothing in the Z-WAVE exclusion or Repair Z-Wave Network options. I have Account data access enabled Until I turning off and you can review it . Thank you

Try resetting it one more time :slight_smile:

If you still encounter the issue, contact ST support.

Thanks for your quick response. What is the best way to contact ST support?

try reporting through the ST app. tap on Menu and go to the Contact us section. Try resetting the hub a second time as I have noticed a couple of users needed to reset it twice to get it to fully function again (i.e.does not support Z-WAVE).

Yes I did, I’ve already restarted it several times and disconnected the batteries but nothing still doesn’t work. Here I attach an image after I added it to HUB in my account

that must be frustrating - best to contact Support and let them investigate. keep us posted if it gets resolved. There have been a few users with z-wave devices falling off-line. a few have reset their hubs and got that hub does not support z-wave.


Of course i will keep you posted if it gets resolved. Thanks !!

Yesterday morning (Friday, UK) I connected up a spare V2 hub, as I do from time to time. It seemed to take a few minutes before the firmware update (from 48.5 to 51.2) was acknowledged in the mobile app which is very unusual. Anyway I then decided to reinstall it on a different ST Location so I deleted it and then paired it up again.

Somewhat surprisingly it showed with 48.5 in the mobile app and advanced web app, settings didn’t take, no MAC or IP address was reported, and Zigbee and Z-Wave reported as undetected. It reported offline once or twice but mostly showed as connected.

The hub was chopping and changing between a green and blue light quite slowly. I did a couple of factory resets and new installs, rebooted my router, changed ethernet cables, confirmed I did indeed have an IP address, and that another hub on the same switch was fine. I also did a couple of soft resets.

After the last one I got a more convincing looking LED sequence, the app suddenly showed the updated firmware, and it burst into life and stayed that way. It happily changed its Zigbee channel when asked.

Definitely something odd going on yesterday and from your description it is still happening.

Looking back similar things have been reported from time to time on various hubs for a few months now though it isn’t clear if they are the same issue.

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Yes, something strange definitely happened because after reporting the error to ST support as @jkp told me and without doing anything else, now was

restored all the correct information.