iOS SmartThings app 1.6.42 released (January 4, 2020)

Version 1.6.42 for iOS has been released

Same release notes as last version. Super helpful…

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How do audio notifications work in the new app? Anything like the custom text stuff you can do in webCoRE? Or just prebuilt stuff?

You can do custom text, but it seems to only work with Sonos (and maybe Bose?) official integrations.

I have a Bose Soundtouch 300 and it does not even pop-up on the “audio notification” screen.
From what I have in my home, the only audio devices that are appearing are the two Amazon Dot Alexa devices, but the notification does not work …so in my opinion it’s kinda useless this feature.

I appear to have lost all new devices in this release that I set up through device integrations in the new app. For me, all Kasa and Meross devices are not showing in the new app but they do show in the Classic app and IDE. I have tried everything ST support asked to try… remove/reinstall app, remove/reinstall devices and integrations.

Interesting. My sole Kasa device still shows up fine.

My Kasa plug is fine also

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