Sonos Notify w/ Sound - Status?

Just picked up my first Sonos speaker yesterday. I seem to remember their being a Smartapp called “Sonos Notify With Sound”. I’ve searched high and low, and the only place I can find a Sonos notify with sound option is under Smart Home Monitor. Has this option been removed from most of Smartthings? Just to clarify, I’m looking for the lightsaber sound option :slight_smile:

In the phone app go to Marketplace-> Music & Sound to find the app

It’s not showing up there for me.

There is one that is name “Speaker Notify with Sound” under Music & Sounds. I believe that is the one your looking for.

Yeah, that’s the one. The name changed some time ago.

You can also try this. It workes with Sonos and has some advanced functionality.

Are you sure that “Speaker Notify with Sound” is still available in your Smartapps? I’ve tried logging out and back in, and still there is nothing remotely close to that name under Music & Sounds. Odd that others would have it but I do not.

I installed an instance of the app last night. So I am sure it was available then.

It’s showing up in mine, also. I would contact support if I were you.

Same issue here… first my Sonos speakers began throwing strange DB parse errors, then the notifications became hit or miss, then finally I now cannot even find the Smartapp (Speaker Notify w/ Sound or similar). All this was within the last 48 hours after working flawlessly since installed about 2 weeks ago.

My notifications were simply triggered off of a WeMo light switch On or Off. Not rocket surgery here.

I’m waiting on a hub update scheduled for Thursday before I try any (more) solutions.

1 Week UPDATE: Hub update hasn’t changed anything for me. I opened a ticket that was acknowledged right away, saying it is being worked on. Now have constant errors on Sonos devices, no Notify With Speaker App re-appearance, and now the WeMo switch reports in IDE that it is constantly dropping offline, in total opposition to the Wemo app that tells me everything is functional. Still patiently awaiting response. Good news is that my Zwave switches and Cree bulb are working fine using simple functionality. I don’t use SMH at this time, and will not attempt to until dB errors cease.

So I reached out to support a couple days ago regarding this…and there is a problem with this SmartApp. Specifically, it “is missing from certain servers and our developers are already working on a fix”.

I’ll keep the thread updated with information I receive from support.

Just checking if you’ve heard anything?
About a month ago all of my “notify with sound” apps stopped working with my sonos. Worked great for 5 months. Now they’re dead and I’ve tried a ton of troubleshooting to no avail.


I see this app has been retooled into Speaker Companion.

Thanks. The new app seems to be working!