Sonos and Bose SmartApps gone?

first of this is my first post in the community, so if I posted it in the wrong section just let me know.

For the past weeks only three SmartApps show up in the music section in my ST app.
I’m pretty sure there used to be more than ‘Speaker Companion’, ‘Talking Alarm Clock’ and ‘ObyThing Music SmartApp’.
I even remember using an app called Sonos Speaker Control, notify by sound and Bose speaker control because I was considering buying one of those speakers.

The only thing I could find was this topic where someone seemed to have the same issue I have.

Just a couple of minutes ago I chatted with the ST support. After they finally understood what my problem was I was told that the apps were probably merged into ‘Speaker Companion’. However they didn’t even seem to know that there was an option to play specific songs or presets on Bose/Sonos speakers. That feature is completely missing from the ‘Speaker Companion’ app and makes me wonder if they would really ‘merge’ the apps together if these basic features are missing.

Maybe I’m also just dreaming and there have never been Sonos and Bose specific SmartApps on the marketplace. If you have them in your ST app or know what happened to them let me know.

Actually those functions that used to be in separate apps like Mood Music, Speaker Control are now consolidated in to the Speaker Companion App.

It isn’t obvious at first that it will allow you to select specific music but after you begin configuring the app you will see that option.

It appears they changed this a couple weeks ago maybe less. I do not know why ST does not have a way of communicating changes like that - it would sure avoid some confusion.


Notify With Sound is missing. The instances I loaded are all still working fine but it seems it has been taken down from Marketplace

I use it almost daily for custom sound notifications. It was a little flaky with the Samsung speakers but with Sonos it was pretty rock solid for me. Speaker Companion is not comparable at all to Notify With Sound


Noticing with bose soundtouch all this can not select a playlist (1-6) and set volume? I still have it where I can press a button for sleep routine and turns on bose soundtouch 10 to spotify playlist sleeping to certain volume. Unfortunately can not set shuffle to spotify so has to be set that way ahead of time to default to shuffle. Also bose app can not combine multiple speakers together. Would like to play speakers in morning together and sync in other rooms when motion detected.

If there is a location on integration between smartthings and bose would be great to collaborate on this, especially since google home can control smart things naively.