So Frustrating! Using Bose SoundTouch in automations

Every step is a struggle!
I wanted to be able to send custom audible messages from a SmartThings trigger. I buy a Bose SoundTouch wireless link. I struggle for two days to get it connected to SmartThings. Finally get it recognized. Using the SmartApps/Speaker Companion, If I pick either the Control or Play Weather report options, then my Bose shows up as a selectable speaker option, but if I select the Play a notification, ST says there isn’t a speaker available!!! wtf!

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Sorry to hear there have been troubles. SmartApps like “Speaker Companion” are not being actively maintained as they are due to be deprecated in favor of similar capabilities being offered in the Automation Builder.

If you haven’t already, I would check out what is available to you in the Automation Builder. From your Home screen: “+” > Automation > IF = [Your desired trigger], THEN: Notify someone > Play message on speaker.

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Thank you Garrett. Your information is very much appreciated!!!

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Inside the Automation Builder, when I get to the THEN portion and select Notify someone, the “Play message on Speaker” option is greyed out… I think I tried this first and then tried to go thru SmartApps after searching thru YouTube for help.

@alsterb, can you check what DH the device is using?

Otherwise did you manage to play the weather report?

If you a bit techie, can you grab the CLI and check what capabilities the device has?

There is still a mixture of DHs with Audio Notification capability and some olders with Music Player capability.

Seconding this. Looking at the few DTHs I can find for Bose, some have Audio Notification and some do not. This integration is long overdue for modernization as well.

Example: “LAN Bose SoundTouch” is as follows:

capability “Switch”
capability “Refresh”
capability “Media Presets”
capability “Music Player”
capability “Audio Notification”
capability “Health Check”


That should be the latest… Audio Notification has been introduced with the Sonos LAN Websocket DHs and that is the current one. Music Player used to be the old one and depreciated as far as I know.

That list is quite interesting that it has both.

I do not know how to check the device handler.
I did not try the weather report, I’m assuming it would work since the option is not greyed out, but that’s only an assumption. I will test it tonight.

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Log into the IDE found at using your Samsung Account.

Click “My Devices.” Locate the Bose device in your list. There is a section specifying “Type.” This will be what we are referring to.

LAN Bose SoundTouch No Notification

  • moduleType: sm2
  • ip: C0A85631
  • zoneMaster:
  • ssdpTerm: urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:MediaRenderer:1
  • softwareVersion: epdbuild.trunk.hepdswbld04.2020-08-02T22:43:32
  • port: 1F9A
  • manufacturer: Bose
  • deviceID: 304511B8D4DD
  • model: SoundTouch Wireless Link Adapter
  • mac: D8A98BCBDXXX
  • EnrolledUTDH: true

@garrett.kranz, can you get some information why does this DH exist even? Why is a No Notification version of the DH?

I guess there is some firmware limitation of the device itself, but what other capabilities are supported then?

Does Music Player supported?

Weather report doesn’t run, but ST can start & pause Bose.

Ok, that was a bit of hit and miss. The weather information source has been updated about 2 years ago, and the app might have not been updated for that.

Can you try to install a custom SmartApp?

It is old, but might would work:

The weather report hasn’t been updated in this one neither, but notifications should work with events from devices. The code is not updated anymore by the code owner, because he moved to the Hubitat community.

I’ve installed big talker 2, and it is letting me select my Bose as a speaker, but I am unable to configure a custom message. I’m in the “Talk Now” section, and I am unable to set anything under the “Speak phase, tap to set”

Should I just return the Bose and buy a Sonos?

Try with a trigger, like a light turns on, or a door opens.

Last I tried the Talk Now was not working for me neither. But that was a long time ago.

There are models of Bose speaker that do not support notifications. Only the Bose SoundTouch 10, 20, and 30 in the III series support notifications.

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So it doesn’t support capability “Music Player”? And you cannot play any mp3?

No, both device handlers support playing media. The “LAN Bose SoundTouch” DTH has an “Audio Notification” Capability which the “LAN Bose SoundTouch No Notification” DTH does not have.