Cannot find how to set ST notification sounds in Android 14

Normally I used in Android 13 and lower: Settings/apps/Smartthings/notifications ,and scroll down to notification categories And when I click on “Smartthings nofications” I have a sound part where the selected sound is displayed.
Same way to get there: Keep app button pushed/ app info/ notifications etc.
How can I change my sound now? the notification categories are nowhere to be found.

Edit: solved here: Notification sound from smartthings - #6 by jeffdlars

Yeah, my issue is that under IOS, SmartThings uses the default notification sound. For years, that sound was easily heard. With the latest version(s) of IOS, Apple changed the default notification sound to “water drop” or something like that which is not very loud, and short duration - so it is easily missed, especially if you’re in a moderately noisy room or outside with your phone in your pocket.

Seems like a pretty big gap, but apparently there’s no solution.


  • Jeff

That was an issue introduced a few versions back, but at least for iOS in the most recent update, the default notification sound is back to a loud ding, the one they call “note.“ and you now have the option to change it, which you didn’t have before.

But of course, that doesn’t help the OP, who is dealing with android. :thinking: