Speaker Companion with Bose SoundTouch 300

Guys… I’m new to smartthings and setting up my device. I need your help to solve the below issues.

I want the voice notification when we open the doors in my house. I have the Bose Soundtouch 300 as audio device. The Speaker Companion app is not listing my Bose system for Play a notification but Bose is listed under 'Control - Play/stop/Pause/Skip option.

Is there any work around to get this working or I need to get the Sonos Speakers? Is there any options if I have other Bluetooth speakers like Beats Pill.

Use webcore to setup

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Hmmm, I will find out more about webcore.

Did you get your SoundTouch 300 notifications working?

No, I got a Sonos play 1 for audio playback.

That sucks… One of the reasons I made the decision to change out my traditional home theater A/V receiver setup for a soundbar was for SmartThings integration. I narrowed it down to Bose or Sonos, as I thought they were both fully supported by SmartThings. Now I find out, all of the latest SoundTouch speakers are full supported except for the one I bought (the SoundTouch 300). Guess I should have done a little better research?

I hope SmartThings/Bose add full integration for the SoundTouch 300 in future updates! It doesn’t make sense for me to have 2 speaker systems in the same room.