iOS client (in)stability

I’m a newbie to ST and the iOS app (v.1.6.68). I find the app to be quite unstable while I’m editing scenes, automations, etc – several crashes per day.

Are other people seeing this as well?

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Over the past few days I’ve had it crash three times while editing automations and scenes.

I generally, open the app, completely close it (swipe up), and then I open it again. For some reason, the first time I open it, there’s a much greater chance of a crash than the second time. Not sure what the difference is.

If you have a quick read on the forum you will see 100s of posts reporting app issues, you are not alone with your problems

Some people have had success stabilising the app by uninstalling and completely re installing, this may not fix your issues but has helped others, especially on iO/S

ST is currently an unstable platform, it is going through extensive changes and has been for 3 or 4 years, do not expect things to get better soon

Welcome to Samsung Smartthings

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I’m also seeing frequent disconnects from the Samsung servers. Is that normal or typical?

I was led to believe by “experts” that going the SmartThings route was better than going the Hubitat route.

Was I / they wrong?

This is my issue today… I keep getting signed out on the app and takes several attempts to sign back in… argh!


Are room and device orders messed-up still after each log out? It’s been a couple of weeks since I was logged off the app.

Yes… for sorting with rooms and devices but favorites page is always fine except for when STHM fails to load every now and again. I have given up on sorting at this point.

Oh great… I signed out to test sorting and now I can’t sign back in

I just wanted to check out signing out manually vs the system throwing you out.

Update: i needed to switch to chrome to login. Appear safari and samsung login on ios15 beta don’t work.

To update on sorting… when I sign out… the room/devices sorting are not saved.

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I agree, my IOS app crashes often. But not sure if it is the app or that I am on the latest developer beta OS-15.

Sigh. How hard can it be to fix this.

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At the moment, I would settle with just having the device pages loading without the need for refreshing the page 5 times or more. Even though I have found you can close the device page, open another device, close it and go back to the device page that would not load to actually get it to load.

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I feel your pain. Login on iOS is very unstable this morning. Even when I randomly get connected it doesn’t last long before “We’re having trouble connecting…” It’s not the connection here (multi-homed business wifi). I wouldn’t care except I can’t even get in long enough to turn off the alarm, so any movement in the office still makes an alert that I can’t disable. :frowning:

Having been a SmartThings user since the v2 hubs were released and almost 200 devices (mainly my own integration to a home lighting system), life has gotten more painful year by year. The writing was on the wall for me last year and I moved my home system to Home Assistant. No idea why I waited. Haven’t had time for the office yet, but today has pushed it over the edge.

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iOS 14 or 15 beta?

Running iOS 14.6. Just managed to stay “connected” long enough to disable the alarm. So that’s something I guess. :partying_face:

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Different things work for different people, so there’s no way to say whether the advice you received was best for you or not without more details.

If you have Samsung smart appliances or Samsung smart televisions, then smartthings is almost certainly the better choice. Other than that, it depends on the specifics of your particular situation. :thinking:

You can find a lot of discussion in the following section of the forum:

Also, my battery is draining rather quickly today

I’m kicked out and can’t get back in now. The app says it’s “having trouble connecting”. That’s a new one for me.

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Same here, unable to login.

Just now getting back in