Dear Samsung

Would you please stop trying to make the SmartThings app look pretty and actually fix your platform instead?
I don’t care that there’s a cute animation when someone opens the door and triggers the door sensor, I care that I can see the status of the sensor when I launch the app and not “Connection error.”
I don’t care that I choose 10 different colors for my wallpaper for my “rooms,” I care that I can see the history for my device from the past hour and not the ones from 12+ hours ago.

Frustrated customer who doesn’t want to be restarting devices at 1 in the morning


I agree!!! The app SUCK’s since this update I lost connections the device status is slower than a snails pace IF you get any update before it crashes or just sits there and does NOTHING AT ALL come on it was working great what the hell did y’all change to screw it up half the time I don’t know what’s going on. I have to close the app and reopen several time to get a device status update IF it doesn’t come back with lost connection error. PLEASE FIX THIS.


For an alternative temporary fix try an app called Home Remote, it ties into the backend of ST and displays all of your devices once added, ST does not allow access to automation creation or editing but it does give fast access to installed devices

ST app developers no doubt are trying to resolve the issues which we all agree should not have occurred but until a resolution is available Home Remote should be very useful

@blake.arnold are you listening? we dont care about pretty looks, make it stable and dependable first… I’m so sick and tired of all these visual changes when the core service is atrocious… You’ve driven me to buy a raspberry pi, I’m beginning the process of leaving smartthings, good job

I assume you’re an iPhone user? the majority of the complaints. including my own, seem to be with the iOS app not working. Android seems to work ok.

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Hey @SmartThings, please concentrate your efforts on just fixing the iPhone app, don’t worry about Android, @Automated_House says Android seems to work ok :+1:

There is a recognised issue with pairing to multiple hubs that isn’t going to affect most users, otherwise I am not really aware of anything in particular that is freshly broken in Android. OK History is quirky but it has been a bit eccentric for the last year or so.

On the outside looking in, the iOS app seems to be struggling with many fundamental things.


1000% agree. It seems to me as though every update of the app results in poorer performance and more bugs. I have a number of issues.

First, each time one of us opens the app it takes forever to refresh (if it doesn’t crash or tell us devices aren’t connected, etc.). This rarely happened in older app versions. My wife and I have brand new iPhone pros, so it’s not like we are running the app on old hardware.

Second, I find the new app so much more clunky than the old (classic) app. I get it, classic is gone, but I just don’t see how the new app was much of an improvement. As an example, the “devices” list in classic was just a list that I could easily scroll through. Now I have big clunky white boxes that require a lot more scrolling. Worse, under the devices “tab” everything is grouped by room, so I have to scroll left/right AND up/down. This is an improvement? Get outta here…

Third, widgets on the home screen often fail to load and instead says “open Smartthings”. Never had to do this before, why now? It is extra taps and an annoyance.

Fourth, when I run certain automations, other automations I did not run are called anyway. For example, I have had an automation for multiple years that turns off lights in the house except and arms our security. Absolutely nothing has changed in that automation except now when I run it, every light in the house comes on for a brief second and then switches off. Whenever I want to shut off lights I end up turning on the lights in our children’s rooms for a moment. I have tried troubleshooting to no avail. What gives, ST?

Don’t even get me started on issues connecting with Samsung smart tvs.

I could go on, but will stop here. Overall, I was very happy when I first bought ST because it solved needs we had and worked in a fairly reliable manner. Now, I spend more time trying to figure stuff out or fixing headaches that it’s just not worth it any longer. Worse yet, my wife abhors it. It has literally soured her entire view on “smart home” solutions.

I am seeking alternatives at this point. I just don’t see how it can be much worse than the declining experience ST has provided its users over the past few years.

ST, if you are listening, stop trying to make your app look pretty…make it functional! It has to be bulletproof if you want mass adoption and it’s not even close to that.

A once happy, now very unhappy (and soon to be, former) user.


Started my home assistant migration yesterday, once you get the hang of the setup its far easier than I expected and you dont need to buy a zwave stick because we can use the ST hub for its zwave radio

There is so much more information and so much more to customize, its alot of fun and I’m looking forward to finishing the setup. Definitely find some youtube videos to follow along with if you’re not too familiar with what to do