Anyone else having problems with the App crashing? When i open the app and select a device i get “cannot connect”. I’ll tap the device again and the App will crash. Once i re-launch the App everything works fine “for a while”. I think the App is having trouble switching between Cellular and Wi-Fi because if for example i stay on wi-fi then everything seems to work fine until i switch Networks (i.e., move away from wifi to Celllar. Then i repeat the “cannot connect”, tap device again, the App crashes, re-launch then it works. I can use the App but it’s just not working the way it should. Unfortunately support is not much help. They keep telling me to uninstall/re-install the App, clear cache, blah blah blah. The App used to be flawless on earlier versions. I’m on version 1.6.68 which according to the App store is the latest. If anyone has any ideas i’d sure welcome some input… TIA

Yes, mine crashes all the time. I can tell you it is not wifi or cellular since it happens on my iPads that are wifi only. Others have reported similar issues with the iOS app.

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Thanks, do you think it’s a problem with the App?

Most likely. I tend to use the iOS Home app to control devices. Of course, most of my devices support homekit but for those that do not, import them from ST using homebridge.

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Cool, i think i’ll give that a try. thanks…

All. The. Time.

Yep. You’re not alone.

the iOS version of Smarthings is as about as stable as a house of cards in a hurricane. I have all but given up on it. Most my the time I control via Voice (Alexa) or Apple Home Kit (via Home Bridge) It is pretty sad I get a faster more accurate report on the state of my devices via home kit going though homebridge than I do with the native samsung app

Thanks for the information. I’ll be sure to keep an eye on this thread. Looking for the same information.