New ST App on IOS 14 - Crashing Daily

I updated to IOS 14 a couple of weeks ago. A few days ago, the ST App has started crashing on me every morning. When I open the App up in the morning, STHM tries to update it’s display and eventually times out. The App returns back to the Getting Started page. If I close the App entirely and relaunch it, it opens up immediately but all of my home page settings are lost … All of the Rooms / Devices are shown and I lose all of my groups.

I know that there were a lot of changes in IOS 14. Anyone else having issues?

– EDIT –
I just saw elsewhere that logging out / logging in will cause Dashboard to reset. Also noticed that I have not lost by Lighting Groups after all. Now, if I can only get the App to stay up. Thx.


I have been on iOS 14 since June and I have not experienced any issues. You may want to try removing the ST app and performing a fresh install. Of course, as you have noticed, your rooms/devices will be moved around the next time you login.