iOS 2.1.4 - Release Notes

SmartThings 2.1.4 for iOS is available in the App Store to update. Below are the notable improvements.


  • Fix crash for Nest owners using third party device handlers
  • Many other misc. crash fixes
  • Fixed issue with not being able to complete Ecobee setup

Hey, you guys didn’t even give yourself credit – – voiceover navigation is fixed! Very smooth, it works fine to close the pop up, the selections that had not been marked “button” now have a clickable indicator, they even changed the spoken name from “hamburger” to “home menu.” Really great work! No more overlapping selections. :tada:

There are still one or two pages, I think they are ones that are dynamically built, where selectable items are not voice-tagged as selectable. It would be good if that could be changed, but because of the nature of the information content I don’t think people are going to be confused by them the way they would’ve been in the pop up menu. The items are selectable, they just aren’t identified by voice as selectable.

The list of smartapps is a good example. " Smart lighting" on this page doesn’t have the voice tag “button.” But again, that’s really minor compared to all the stuff that was fixed. :sunglasses:

Anyway, you should definitely add the voiceover navigation fix to the release notes. For those of us who need it, this positive step is a really big deal. :heart_eyes:

@Alex @david.mccrindle


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