iOS 2.1.2 - Release Notes - 5/2/2016

SmartThings iOS 2.1.2 includes bug fixes and overall performance improvements for enhanced stability. Notable improvements are detailed below.

Feature Improvements:

  • Ability to edge swipe to open menu (when applicable)
  • Updated Things list featuring improved tap target
  • Configuration screen updates
  • New Edit Room experience
  • Updated fonts to improve readability
  • Ability to edge swipe to open menu (when applicable)
  • Minor design improvements (including improvements to wayfinders and a few new icons for navigation)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue with installation of some SmartApps (in particular SmartApps which allow multiple child apps of the parent SmartApp - such as Smart Lights SmartApp or the Energy Alerts SmartApp)
  • Fixed accessibility when trying to close menu drawer with Voice Over capability enabled.


Thank you! This also restored the missing SECONDARY_CONTROL on multiTile (though it is not longer centered - is this by design?) and fixes various UI glitches I was holding back on reporting until after the update - looks like I saved myself some work. :wink:

While I do like the rectangular tap targets for devices, numeric displays in the device list (populated via valueTile) are now really big™ (i.e., bigger and bolder than the device name) which makes for a very unbalanced appearance (even more so as the icons seems to have gotten smaller). With the value taking up so much room, going into a device’s details has gotten slightly more difficult for one-handed use. Would it be possible to show the device details for items that don’t have an action associated with their main tile when clicking on the value as well (i.e., not just the left ⅔)?

It’s better, but it’s still broken. Honestly it doesn’t look like this was tested at all. If you know what’s there, or if, like me, you can see the screen but you are still using voiceover to navigate, you can now leave the pop-up menu screen. So that’s good. But if you’re a first-time user or you cannot see it at all, you will not be able to navigate.

In the last version, there was no way to dismiss the pop up at all.

Now you can dismiss it if you can find it. But the buttons from the previous screen, such as the dashboard, are still active when you are on the popup. In some cases these overlap with the popup buttons, which can be really confusing.

If you are listening to voiceover read through the options on the screen, you will get options that you should not actually have, because they belong to the previous screen (the one that visually looks like it’s underneath the pop up.)

(Also, although not strictly a bug, I do still recommend that you make the text name of the hamburger icon “menu” instead of “hamburger.”)

Here are some examples. In the first screenshot, you can see that there is still a ghost button for the hamburger icon from the previous screen. That’s the white outline in the upper right.

The following two screenshots will show you that there are two overlapping buttons. One is from the nav bar on the dashboard. The other is for the support icon on the pop up. Notice how the white outlines in the lower right shift slightly. What that’s showing you is that there are two overlapping buttons there.

Also note that the options in the center of the screen on the pop up are not labeled “button,” although they should be.

So someone listening to this will hear “notifications” but will not know that that is a clickable option.

So if I were grading this, for someone who is blind I think it remains unusable. For someone like me, it remains voice – unfriendly, but it is usable in the sense that I’m not locked out of anything. It’s a lot of work, though, because since I don’t know what is clickable and what is not I either have to remember or I have to guess, which could mean additional clicking. And of course where there is an overlap, someone who can see the screen but is using voice over might think they were clicking on one option when in fact they are clicking on something else.

Definitely a step forward, but needs a lot of QA yet.


Looks even better than before and working great! Thank you!!!

This is the exact opposite of what the latest Android update did – i.e., valueTile characters got smaller. :confused:

I thought things were supposed to look more similar? Here is what I am talking about (latest iOS):

Oh, I thought you were talking about the character display within the actual valueTile (in the device view). AFAICT, the valueTile size in the Things view didn’t change in Android.

Will we ever see the search function return?

I’ve just setup my hub installed smart things app to my iPhone and it crashes everytime on start up … Same issue for my wife’s iPhone running latest iOS …

I’m surprised by the big fonts and in my opinion a lot of wasted screen real estate because of the spacing.

And seriously, there are still problems with voiceover? :-1:

At this point I wish I lived close to JD just to go help him with crap when the updates breaks his accessibility. Just not acceptable in this day.

As for the update, ugly as sin. But I guess they are trying. Still hate the ‘hamburger’ and how it hides stuff. The bigger touch points are nice, but ugly option. Why not make the whole right side of the row be a touch point or something. Im not a designer so dont listen to me.

Not found anything broken…yet. But I use things so lightly.


My concerns:

  1. Opening the hamburger menu, in the last version you were able to see the mode. With this update, the mode is not fully viewable.

  2. Then again, this version does nothing to address people with multiple hubs. Maybe small visual icon in the main menu would be ok.

  3. Bigger fonts are ok, but it would be nice, that at least we have some options to decide the size.

  4. More important, is voice over… accessibility is not a request, must be the base case of any app.

my two cents…

Is anyone else’s presence not working unless the app is foregrounded? Mine was working very well yesterday, but all of a sudden isn’t working today. It seems to have coincided with the app update.

Update caused things to disappear in things tab again on iOS. This was fixed a little over a week ago only to be broken by a clearly untested update.

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submitOnChange is also broken now.
10 steps forward and 40 steps back.

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Working for me. Are you using the latest IOS build and which app?

2.1.2 … all things are missing, and trying to add devices to a room also throws a red error with some long code.

yep v2.1.2 and I’m using with my Nest Manager app which has worked flawlessly up until update

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Disappointing update.

  1. Adding a room still throws the red “Error loading rooms” banner.
  2. When deleting a room, the screen does not auto-refresh. Have to pull down to refresh.
  3. Hamburger menu sucks.
  4. Too many clicks to get to Notifications.
  5. Inconsistent styles (fonts, layout, etc.)
  6. The app still has amateur, “ugly duckling” look and feel.