How many ways has this update failed? Let me count the ways

(Dr. Miguelito Loveless) #1

Seriously guys, didn’t you beta test your work, or were we supposed to do that?

First off, I have had the app crash several times in the midst of editing names and adding a new light bulb and room. That I can live with, but why, dear God WHY did you change to light fonts on a light background in the properties field? Why did you change the marker for a set option from a HIGHLY visible green tab on the right side of the setting to a BARELY visible green line under it? Christ, that is UI design 101!!!

The app is bloody useless to me when I cannot read the damned text!

Are you writing a user interface or contracts for a time share scam?

Why did you blur out the graphic I have set for my house except for a small circle in the middle of the picture? Why?

Also, Smart Home Monitor shows “unconfigured”. When I go into it I cannot configure it since I use Nest for my thermostat, smoke detectors and cameras. I cannot delete this tab, nor can I configure it. So it just sits on my screen, unconfigured, taking up space.

Is the hub update going to be this bad? If so, please tell me now so I can cancel my order.

Bugs I can deal with, but BAD design is unforgivable.

(Jason Mok) #2

How many times have you contacted about app crashes, and unconfigurable items in Smart Home Monitor?

(DanG) #3

Yeah, the new app is pretty bad. Seems the majority of the app ratings in the play store have the same opinion. I was fortunate to be able to restore the previous release as I was unable to find anything and when I did it took 10 times the scrolling to get to it. I really wonder who they have writing these apps because it surely isn’t people that use it.

They must be changing the back end as well because the older version of the app has the “Smart Home Monitor” tab.

I am dreading the v1 to v2 conversion. I have a feeling its going to be brutal. I am planning on scrapping my v1 setup and start from scratch on v2, that is if they ever get the new app redesigned and working otherwise I am just going to leave it in the box.


I restored mine to the previous version in my recycle bin, however, when I go to the classic “things” dashboard the app crashes on my iPad… :anguished: Am I missing something?

(Devesh Batra) #6

My app has also crashed multiple times on my iPhone and iPad
have sent the crash reports through the app, not sure what to do next

Android phone app is still a little better…

(Dr. Miguelito Loveless) #7

Am I an asshole for being a tad upset over truly moronic mistakes in a system I have about $1,000 invested in? Seriously, who doesn’t realize you don’t use light colored fonts on a light colored background? That is right up there with “unzip your pants before you pee”. Most people have it figured out by at least age six.

(Dr. Miguelito Loveless) #8

Well, when the app crashes it sends a crash report. Am I supposed to contact tech support and inform them of boneheaded UI design? Also, until the app stops crashing and somebody figures out how to render the app usable again, it doesn’t really do much good to complain about the Smart Home Monitor. How can they screw up something as basic as font color and legibility?

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #9

That’s an excellent question.

But is it hypothetical or directed at someone, or are you just here to spout expletives?

@alui is the Director of User Experience: Perhaps you can figure out a polite way to reach out to him.

(Nicholas Phillips) #10

I am upset about this app as well. It is currently installing in the background for the third time. Constant crash loops, poor interface, and absolutely zero notifications. Not to mention not reporting correct sensor status. Sooooo very frustrated. I also hate, hate, hate this forum format. Where is the dedicated forum for iOS apps? Why does everything’s by have to be difficult?

(Jason Troska) #11

I never pee my pants, but at times, I misjudge a fart. :frowning:


There is only one official SmartThings app for iOS. And one for android, and one for windows phone.

The iOS app is discussed in a sub forum to this one:

(Dr. Miguelito Loveless) #13

Right, because this is the most extreme reaction to shoddy work you have ever seen on the Internet? It is called venting in frustration. It is done in an open and general manner which is considered nicer than venting at someone personally. Thank you for the address, I will send him/her a note in a bit. That said, a company that would put out a piece of software with such a massive fail right in the middle of the UI needs a bit of public censure.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #14

That’s where we disagree…

The employees of SmartThings can read this forum and are real individuals with responsibility for the parts of the product you critique. There is nothing “polite” about it. Whether you believe this is supposed to be a polite venue is up to you.

(David McCrindle) #15

We hear you and it will be fixed in an upcoming update.

(Dr. Miguelito Loveless) #16

Thank you, glad to hear it. I saw an update today, but alas it did not address the UI issue, so I assume bug fixes. I hope that this very simple fix will be addressed shortly, as light green letters on a white background is not easy to read. Today’s update hosed the app completely and I had to delete and re-install.

(David McCrindle) #17

Technically the green issue is a bug as the font we designed with didn’t get implemented correctly. But I totally understand the frustration and we’re working on it. We appreciate the feedback.

(Guy) #18

The SmartThings folks are clueless.

(Ron S) #19

I am sure they will get it right!

(Benji) #20

Are you sure?..


I’m really not sure how much of that hyperbole is needed but this app update was pretty disappointing, if not downright worse.

There’s a dashboard that’s supposed to give you a quick glance of the status of everything and yet you don’t know what mode you’re in? Big Miss, but easy fix. Get on it.

Rooms are, well, awkward? They don’t make sense to me. It’s like I can check things by room, nifty. But what else? It doesn’t make setting up Apps any easier, it doesn’t improve interaction of the devices, it doesn’t allow for scenes still, I don’t really get the purpose of them, especially considering that I don’t have the same level of control and interaction as I would on the Things screen? Couldn’t you just lose the things screen and then combine those features into Rooms? (Groups is a better name, I’m sure most people have at least one “room” that isn’t a room) If there’s some other functionality to the rooms, I’d love to hear it so anyone please chime in.

When the app update was announced they said that they were moving all the SmartApps onto one screen for easy access, but really they just moved the custom installed apps, all the native apps are still buried in the individual things tiles and very difficult to find to set up for pre-existing devices. This is a total fail and indicates to me that they don’t get why people are so often frustrated with this system. It’s like they heard people, but didn’t listen. Having important and significant functionality hidden in the OS is blood boiling. If I have a motion sensor activate a light but I want to change how long it stays on, I have to remember if I set it up on the Motion Sensor’s settings, or on the Light’s settings and go searching. In my mind, it should show up for both. But really, I’d like a separate Apps view, that actually shows all your Apps and allows you to define new rules without going to the things page, but if you’re on the things page, you should be able to view all the Apps/Rules that specific device is associated with. It’s not like this is an uncommon or unreasonable request. The control of these devices is the entire reason people are doing this.

Adding a mode is also buried and I found it at the bottom of the location settings. Again, not intuitive, not easy to find, especially when there is an entire section dedicated to mode changes.

Alphabetical order for Thngs is fine, but it should be a choice. I had my things tiles organized by importance and frequency of use. When there are 55 things (some people over 100), most of which I never need to look at, having the things that matter buried down an alphabetical list isn’t really helpful.

The font and color choices really do make it quite difficult to read things. It’s pretty much an industry standard that lighter fonts mean those input fields aren’t available. It was very confusing, not intuitive, and hard to read.

The blurred out picture at the top is just awful. That’s like a junior high graphics design club choice.