Intermatic z-wave 6-pack $99

In preparation for my kit I decided to start installing the switches. Ebay has a ton of 6 pack deals on these switches. The non dimmable 6 packs are even cheaper at 69 dollars. My house has 18 switches, so this will be a massive savings over paying 44 bucks each on amazon.


Has anyone used these, thoughts?

Also, on another forum I read these and the GE switches don’t support instant status updates. Can someone chime in on what that may affect?

Some quick googling reveals people having a lot of trouble with these.  And the non-dimmer (5100) seems to need a master switch (600)?  I don’t fully understand how these are supposed to work.

Ah, I see now the 5100s aren’t load bearing…they seem to be just in wall switches to control other switches…odd.


The CA600s still look like good deals though.

Yeah, one CA600 is going for $67 at the first place google found.  Six for $99 sounds like a pretty good deal.  If they work, of course…


Where did you read about switches not supporting instant status updates?

A micasa vera forum, I dont have it up anymore, and am having trouble finding it again… From what I have read intermatic got out of the z-wave business and this ebay seller bought up all their stock for like 8 bucks a switch.


EDIT: this forum talks about it osme and it seems they kinda do, kinda don’t

You said that you read that about the GE switches too?  I guess I’ll see how mine turn out, since I supposedly have one each of the switch and the dimmer in the mail.


The reviews also seem to say that the Intermatic switches are really loud.  Even at that price, I think I’ll pass.

Yeah, I have read that too. However most say the 300s (non dimmers) are far louder, and that the 600s are tolerable. I think either way no matter what you buy it isn’t going to be very future proof. The dimmers don’t work well, or at all with CFL or LED lighting, and that seems to be where things are going. So, I’d rather spend as little as possible if I’ll have to swap them out for something else someday anyway.

The firmware version on those outlets and switches are an older Z-Wave version. They have whats called a “low-power inclusion” mode which means the devices have to be very close to the hub to pair. In the earlier days it was conceived as a means of security so you didn’t accidentally pair to your neighbors hub or devices.

They would probably still work, but have to be like within 2-4 feet of the hub to pair. After that they should work fairly normal.



Eh, that would be difficult. So…in theory you could install the switch and plug the hub in right next to it to pair…then move the hub back to it’s normal spot?

So they tell me! They are older so I can’t say with 100% certainty it will work flawlessly.

Hmm… Well for almost a third the cost it may be worth trying out.  Still sounds like a pain in the ass though. Would the hub need network connectivity to pair with them?


I just preordered 7 of the ube dimmers… - they seem like the best features for the price. I’ll see how they go when they actually get here and order more if they work out.

The Ube dimmers, if they work as advertised are defiantly a great, albeit expensive option. I really don’t like dropping hundreds of dollars on something that is still months away, and will likely be delayed on top of that if other projects are of any indication. Not to mention I really just don’t want to wait that long anyway :slight_smile:

I think I’ll give these a shot, maybe they will last me long enough until something like an Ube is actually shipping, and down to a competitive price point. Then, I can always move these back to the less traveled areas of the house.

I understand why you would get Ube dimmers if you weren’t getting SmartThings, but with SmartThings, why pay $70 for a dimmer instead of $40 for the GE Z-Wave dimmer?

Theyre better looking, touch sensitive and multi touch. They are supposed to be able to do things like dim all the lights from a single switch, draw the letter A with your finger on the switch and it will arm your alarm, or any other combination of letters to perform some kind of action or scene. I also backed LIFX and hope to have a dimmer that works with them, apparently the GE ones do not.

Are the GE z-wave dimmers really $40? Last I looked it was $85 for 2-way switch and $50 for 3-way set. I’m not sure if you can even use the cheaper 3-way switch if it is currently a 2-way switch which most of my lights are.

ah I found these for $44:

Smartthings is linking to these: on the compatible devices page.

I’ll probably use a combination of Ge and UBE for my LED light bulbs but I still feel like I might want to start eventually switching all lightbulbs to LED as they become cheaper, more widely available and more efficient and it would suck to not be able to do that with the GE dimmers.

@mweston: I just bought some GE Z-wave switches and outlets from Lowe’s.  $35 for the outlet, $35 for the 2-way switch, and $40 for the 2-way dimmer.  I’ll be looking at the 3-way dimmer switches if I have good luck with these; that set is only $45 from Lowe’s.  You can get free shipping for all of those on a $50 order.

Also, the Ube dimmers do power metering. I think it be neat to be able to meter your total lighting costs. They are also the only connected dimmer I have found that advertise they can dim all LED and CFL lighting.