GE Switches up to 30% off at Lowes

Via slickdeals:

Good deals. Stack it with a $15 off $50 coupon and you’ve got an even better deal!

Clearing out stock of the older non Zwave Plus devices maybe?

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Sure looks that way. Out with the old, in with the “Plus”!

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Yup, got the heads-up from the Lowe’s thread.

I have now completed my switch purchases as a result. These are getting hard to find.

whats the differences between these and the new ones?

New ones are ZW+ , these are Zwave

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How would one get ahold of these $15 off $50 coupons? :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

The dimmers are $32. Just picked up 4 dimmers and 2 switches for a little under $153. Divide that by 6 and that’s about $26 per switch. Broke it into 3 orders so I could use the $15 off of $50.

Here are 2 unused codes.


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Wahoo! Picked up 4 dimmers for $29.98 each. Merry Christmas to me!

Wait! All 4 for $30?! Meaning less than $8 per dimmer?!?! How?!!

How? This made me try to look in the price checker again.

I’m ass-u-me-ing he meant $30 each after coupon code

Thanks for posting this. Just bought 3 more devices. Love saving money.

Zwave Outlets are also 30% off including outdoor plug in

Yes, $29.98 each . . .

Sorry for any confusion or undue excitement this may have caused. :wink:

Odd, they won’t parcel ship the dimmer 12724. Only truck and pickup. Tried 4 different stores and they will ship the addon 12723 but not the dimmer. The Lowes near me are such a pain to get to. I know they are trying to combat the coupon use and grabbing of local sales but going to make it so I won’t ever buy anything from them. The good thing is I was rigging up a 3 way switch to handle 1 light and on the fence about spending all that money and time for 1 light and this allows me to put that decision off till the future!

I don’t have access to the Lowe’s script right now, but this does appear to be the case with 12724. Checked a large number of stores and it’s not shipping from any I looked at manually. Someone with the script can verify quickly.

Yes, I found 3 stores nationwide that still have shipping available. Coincidentally one of them is my local store with 7 available.

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