Found a trove of switches! Dev/Test?

So this is kind of a story, so i hope this is an okay place for it.

I was shopping at the goodwill and found a TROVE of z-wave stuff! (I left some RCS thermostat tho looked too complicated).

I think these are from a a leviton or intermatic lab somewhere in the area, as one of the switches has label attached to it that says ‘beta test’ and a few of the others have SW which i assume means software… I’m wondering if leviton owns intermatic or vice versa?

Either way I’m wondering if (asuming these function) there’s any risk in using them if they were slightly older software revisions? I can automate a ton of my house now for very low cost (3 bucks each!) but just wanted to ask first. here’s what i got:

ge dimmer switch zw3003 date code 1242 (jasco) ver 3.0d 600watt lead
intermatic CA3000 SW v1.65
intermatic CA3000 SW v1.65 23b
Leviton Vizia rf + vrs15-1l
intermatic CA5100 routing accessory switch SW v1.65
GE dimmer switch zw3003 date code 1242 (jasco) vers 3.0d
leviton vizia rzs15-1l
ge dimmer switch model 45606 ver 2.0
intermatic CA3500 power jack
leviton VRPD3 plug

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When I think of a goodwill, I think of clothes.

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Wow what a find! Definitely jealous. I have many older GE/Jasco switches in my home that I picked up when Lowes was dumping them as the new models were coming out last year. They should work just fine. The new ones are Zwave Plus which has better range than the older standard but assuming you have a good mesh you should be fine as mine have been working great.


One thing i’ve been reading about is alot of these models dont handle led/CFL very well or at all?

It seems to mostly be the GE45606 (i think the zw3003’s might be ok? not sure on those)
and posibly the intermatic ca3000’s…

So not sure if i’ll use em all, one question i have though , is in my garage i have lots of shop lights (4 with 2 bulbs each) and then 2 CFL blubs, mostly coming all from the same circuit. i need to check the wattage on each bulb but i’m guessing the shoplights are 40w each bulb… do those count as CFL? Cuz i could use one of the switches that claims it works with dimming cfl but needs 40 wats on those? I never dim them, i just want the off/on ability really.

Okay So I tried the two GE ZW3003 switches and had mixed results. they definately will not handle my flourescent tube bulbs in my kitchen (it was strobing like an ozzy show in there! yikes!). Also when i hooked them (took turns with each switch) to my regular incandescent recessed kitchen lights, there was buzzing when they dimmed up or down, and still a (quieter) buzzing while on constantly. Not sure i like that… I have 5 of these bulbs rated at 65 watts each. So if thats the quality of GE switches… no thanks…

Also realized the levitons are non dimmer and only register clicks on the bottom (not the top) I really dont want to mix those with my rocker switches, as it will get confusing… So i’m thinking of just selling the whole lot and maybe using funds to buy some more current switches if possible.

Some questions i have . Is it normal for switches to buzz with incandescents? That surprised me… 2. will the flourcent tube lights still have a problem if i get a non-dimming on/off Z-wave switch? My kitchen uses small thinner but 2-foot, 4-foot and 12 inch long tube bulbs… I also have lots of shop lights down in the garage i’d like to possible do the same treatment too.

so are these going back to Goodwill yet? Which one? We can all try them!