Interesting/odd behavior after Thread firmware update on v3 hub

Some background: I have a v3 hub with a mix of Z-Wave and ZigBee devices. The ZigBee are mostly Sengled and OSRAM/Sylvania bulbs, and a generic motion sensor as well. My hub did the recent firmware update that enabled the Thread system. I was reading in another forum a comment about this that said we could check in the app that Thread was present and see info about it on our hubs. In my app, on my hub, I saw no such info even though my hub was showing the correct firmware. So, I rebooted the hub, and then in the app I could see the Thread info as reported. However, from then on my ZigBee devices (the bulbs) started behaving weird. The motion sensor went offline and I could not get it back on. My ZigBee bulbs were randomly turning on and I couldn’t turn them off from the app nor via Google Home voice commands. The lights became a big problem after bedtime, all during the night I was awakened to find lights glaring all over the house. I finally had to power them off at the switch (I don’t like doing that). This morning, I powered them back on, they reconnected but then began the random “ON” again. No discernable pattern. I was stumped. I rebooted the hub again, but still random ZigBee lights turning on. But, then I began reading about Thread and ZigBee sharing the same frequencies, and the frequency channels involved. So, I thought I would change the ZigBee channel. It was set at 11, I changed it to 20. I looked at all the devices, they reconnected. And since then there has been no random actions of any of my ZigBee devices! Changing the channel seemed to have solved this issue, for whatever reason.


I’ve been experiencing the same behaviour. Most of my lights are GE Link lights I brought over from Wink to ST. I’ve had no problem since I moved from Wink to ST with these lights until the 45.9 firmware was released. Then the 24 day & night random light power on events started occurring. I’ve recieved the 45.11 firmware that supposedly addresses the Sonos bug (I don’t have sonos devices) and the Zigbee bugs. Version 45.11 didn’t fix the random light power issues.

I started digging into the Hub logs this morning and found a large number of “joinAttempt”:1 that coincide with the random power on of lights. Here is one that happened just a few minutes ago 2022-11-02 9:51:43.000 AM EDT. This entry perfectly aligns with when the light was powered on randomly (I saw it turn on). As I look through the logs there are hundreds of these “joinAttempt”:1 for the GE Bulbs. This was not occurring prior to the 45.9 and 45.11 firmware updates. The previous firmware 44.9 and prior firmware versions did not exhibit this bug.
zbjoin: {“dni”:“46D7”,“d”:“7CE524000012C8B8”,“capabilities”:“0E”,“endpoints”:[{“simple”:“01 0104 0101 02 07 0000 0003 0004 0005 0006 0008 1000 01 0019”,“application”:“02”,“manufacturer”:“GE”,“model”:“SoftWhite”}],“parent”:65535,“joinType”:15,“joinDurationMs”:720,“joinAttempts”:1

Following your suggestions, I have rebooted my Hub, it already displayed Matter\Thread info on Channel 25. I have changed the zigbee channel from 24 to 11. I am hoping this will fix the problem as I have not been able to get a good nights sleep since the release of Firmware 44.9 unless i physically turn off ALL of the house lights at the switches which defeats the point of having Smartlights!

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Ok, I’m not sure the Zigbee channel change is working as expected. I went into Smartthing graph and changed the Zigbee channel from 24 to 11. I can’t find any information on Graph related to Matter or Thread but the SmartThings App showed that Thread was using Channel 25.

After changing Zigbee to 11 I now see that thread channel has also been changed from 25 to 11. What is the deal? I thought they were supposed to be independant. I only have the ability to change Zigbee in ST graph, there is no way to change Thread channel in the ST app and I don’t see any Thread info in ST Graph so what changed the Thread channel to match Zigbee?