Aeotec Smart Home Hub/2018/2015 Model Hub Firmware Release Notes - 0.45.9


Samsung S21
Latest android app.
Also loaded app onto another android phone and it did it.

I just loaded the app onto an old iPhone and it works fine.

So is to do with android phone or app.

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Hi, I have a Smartthings Wifi/Hub ET-WV523. How is it possible that it did not update to firmware 0.45.9? It is still installed the version 43.0005.
I think tat my hub is included in the “Hub target” you indicated, isn’t it?
Many thanks in advance. Giorgio

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The recent firmware updates only applied to the v2/v3 and Aeotec hubs. It did not apply to the Samsung Connect or SmartThings Mesh with Plume hubs. There will be an update at some point in the future for those hubs.

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My Aeotec v3 hub will have Zigbee bus go offline every day or two. A reboot gets Zigbee working for another day or two. My V2 hub doesn’t have this problem. I assume it has to do with the V3 being upgraded to work with Thread in the future and they are having trouble getting it prepared. But it’s annoying to say the least, so I hope it’s fixed sooner than later.

One community member has reported that changing the Zigbee channel solved this problem for them. So you might give that a look.


My Zigbee on hub and devices go offline all the time. Rebooting the hub fixes it for few hours only. This started on friday. Hub v3, fw 45.9.

State: Not detected
Version: 0.0.0
EUI: 286D970002040279
Channel: 25
Node ID: 0000
Pan ID: 599D
OTA: enabled for all devices
Unsecure Rejoin: true
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As I mentioned above, Several people have reported the same issue for V3 hubs once thread was enabled. One person reported being able to fix it by changing their Zigbee channel, so you might try that.

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I tried already (25 → 20), but the hub reverted back to 25 somehow. Have to try again in the evening. I wonder what is the recommended Zigbee channel number nowadays?

It depends what else is going on in your environment, in particular what channel your WiFi network is on, so there’s no one answer.

I like WiFi 11 and Zigbee 11 because it’s easy to remember and these two are actually far apart. Some people like to start with zigbee channel 20 because it sits in between two WiFi channels. But I don’t know how Thread factors in on a ST hub (it uses the same channels as Zigbee).

FAQ: Networking and Reducing Channel interference between WiFi and Zigbee

The newest devices use a hardware system optimized for co-existence. In particular, Zigbee will tell the WiFi controller it needs to message and the WiFi transmission will be very briefly paused to let the Zigbee messages through. But I’m pretty sure the ST hubs are not using this technology. :thinking:

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That’s why I tried channel 20. No channel can be selected/fixed on my Google Wifi… have to do some research.

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About 16 hrs since I was able to change Zigbee channel to 20 - no issues since… well except my two Sonoff temp/hum probes have trouble to connect now, but that is peanuts. Keeping my fingers crossed still.


On the subject of changing zigbee channels…

I have a couple devices I’ve recently started having trouble with. Perhaps a channel change would help. I’m on the v2 hub. How do I change the channel? I think it was part of the IDE?

Also, and this is more something I’ve just been wondering about, if you have a Hue hub and a ST hub broadcasting on the same zigbee channel, do all devices on each end up as part of the same network? As in would a device connected to the Hue hub act as a repeater for a device on the ST hub? And vice versa?


Yes, for the moment, you can only change the Zigbee channel through the IDE.

Hopefully they will add that feature to the app before the IDE is retired.


So you can still get to the IDE? I honestly thought it was already gone.

Hi! In this post, the team updated the dates where the sunset is expected, currently, you can still access the IDE but you cannot add new DTH or SmartApps (only edit them).


Official notice on zigbee troubles with the latest firmware


Yep, in the IDE. It’s one of the things that need to be moved to the app once the IDE is gone.

No, it doesn’t work that way. A device only repeats for the network to which it is joined, as in the same controller.


Zigbee channel change seems to be permanent fix. Even Sonoff sensors are operational again, had to re-join them. Too bad they still joined with DTH although I have compatible Edge drivers installed in my hub.

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In this transition period Custom DTHs take priority over edge drivers. So right now if you want a device to join with an edge Driver, you have to first either remove the custom DTH from your account or comment out the fingerprint. (And to be honest, I’m not sure you can comment out the custom DTH anymore after this week’s IDE changes. :thinking:) Then it should select an edge driver if there’s one with a matching fingerprint.