Ikea Tradfri Bulbs Disconnected and won’t Recconect

Hey there,

In the past few days my Tradfri bulbs all disconnected from the smart things app. Same with the Ikea button I have.

I removed the devices and now I can’t add them again.

Is this a known issue?

Not that it helps much but mine are all fine.

I’m sure that’s very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved: Which model hub do you have?

I have the Aeotec Smartthings Hub. Before this I had the v1. :smirk: I’m on the latest firmware.

I turn the light bulbs 6 times and they do one blink and then a series of rapid blinks. I’m assuming it’s in pairing mode but somehow I don’t remember the 6 rapid blinks last time I paired them.

I’ve also tried bringing the bulb closer to the hub. I’ve had it inches away.

Ok, the latest firmware turned on Thread support in the V3 hub and one user reported they had to change the Zigbee channel to be able to add new devices after that. Might be worth a try. :thinking:

I rebooted my hub and all is good

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