Instructions to get the Driver logs - help needed


Well this is some next level coding from my perspective… :smiley: So far, I have operated basically only with the Smartthings app on mobile phone.

I think I managed to follow the “Instructions to get the Driver logs” until the action point 7. After that I got the following error:

Do you know what to do or did I do something wrong? Does it matter for example if I choose “No” to save this as the default?


sorry… I had to change your title. it did not match your topic.

Hello @TtoP the command is correct, the error can be generated by the following reasons

  • Connection problems
  • the computer and the hub are connected to two different networks
    also, you can use the next command
smartthings edge:drivers:logcat {id_driver} --hub-adress={ip_hub}


I tried to do it in different location, so the network was different.

However, now I think I have managed to do the steps. I’m not exactly sure what the step 8 means.“Then, you’ll start seeing messages from drivers in your Hub, now it’s time you send the commands.” So what that latter sentence means.

Here is now in txt file copied from the command prompt.

I also dumped the Hub logs according to your instructions.

Let know if you have now everything you need or if there is something I still need to do to help you fix the issue.



(Attachment Smartthings.txt is missing)


There came auto-reply that I cannot send you the txt.file. Do you still need it and if you do. How can I send it to you?


Once the command is running you will able to see the driver logs, at that moment if you send a command from SmartThings App it must be reflected on the terminal, something like sending Z-Wave command: {args={value=255}, cmd_class=“BASIC”, cmd_id=“SET”, dst_channels={1}, encap=“AUTO”, payload=“\xFF”, src_channel=0, version=1} this is an example

About the txt.file I don’t have all the context maybe @nayelyz asked about it, you can send it here or you can send it on the original post.

if you have another problem please let me know :saluting_face:

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