Debugging edge driver

I am trying to debug a community edge driver that I have installed via an invitation link.

I do not have any custom edge driver installed with the cli.

Can I use logcat to see what is going on with the driver.

When I tried to use logcat in the cli, I am getting a failed to connect to my hub. (i am sure that I have the correct IP)



Hi, @mario550!

Yes, it doesn’t matter how you installed the driver, you should be able to see its logs if it’s active (has at least one device connected to it).

Which Hub version do you have? I mean V2, V3 or Wi-Fi
In the latest version of the CLI, using the IP address isn’t necessary, you just need to select the corresponding Hub from the list, have you verified you’re using the latest version?

Thanks for the quick reply @nayelyz

Hub V3
I am using version 1.8.1 win32.

using command: smartthings edge:drivers:logcat

it sees my default HUb (with the correct hub id), but I get connecting… failed error connection to

Have you verified your PC and your Hub are on the same network?
Also, please check if the telnet command using the IP address works or if it fails as well:

telnet 192.168.x.x 9495


It was on the same network, except, that the pc was hardwired and the hub was wifi. I just plugged the hub using a cable and now I can connect.
Logcat is now working


Hi, @mario550
I asked the engineering team about this and they asked if the Hub had access to an Internet connection because the permissions check on the Hub needs to go out to the ST cloud and would fail if it didn’t have Internet access via WiFi.

Using the Telnet command helps to check if the connection can be established, and the result provides more details about what could be the issue, if you like, you can test it so we can continue figuring out what happened for further reference

Hi again, @nayelyz

For what I can see, the Hub is on the same Wifi as others devices that have access to the Internet. also, I can see the HUb in My.smartthings

I did an Nmap of the HUB connected using RJ45, I can see:

Discovered open port 443/tcp
Discovered open port 9495/tcp
Discovered open port 39500/tcp
Discovered open port 8081/tcp

When connected to WIfi, everything is blocked.

I had no success Telnet using cable or wifi.

Hi, @mario550
I asked the engineering team again about this and they mentioned the following:

It makes sense that Telnet failed in either case since the port isn’t listening for telnet and expects a TLS handshake.
We would expect this to do with your wifi router configuration. If nmap isn’t showing that port on Wi-Fi then it isn’t being made available across the two interfaces on your router
Something like curl -k https://<hub-ip>:9495/drivers -v if you’re on MacOS or Linux. You could also put that URL into Postman if you’re more comfortable with that
Another option is wget --no-check-certificate https://<hub-ip>:9495/drivers.
In all of these cases, the expected response would be 401 Unauthorized, any other response would indicate that the live logging server isn’t running or the hub is unreachable.