Ikea Tradfri Outlet - Will not pair

I have a few of the Tradfri outlets around the house that are working as they should.

I then recently enrolled on the Edge Beta as i have some new device to add so thought i would try it out.

I added some new Innr ZigBee sockets without issue. Then thought i would remove the two Tradfri devices from Smartthings and re-add them. Now i am unable to add the Tradfri outlets, either via the scan for nearby devices or via browsing for the Ikea Outlet. I have tried to reset the sockets by holding the reset for 5 seconds and it clicks and breaths.

I have also uninstalled the Edge drivers and tried again and they are still not detected.

I was sure they didn’t require a custom DH.

I am using the “ZigBee Switch Mc” Edge Driver with my Ikea outlets.

Pairing is always is always a pain. Try the following:

Unfortunately it won’t help with your pairing issue but I have a bunch of Tradfri outlets around the house. I didn’t do anything to them, just let them alone, and they have all migrated.

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Thanks for the tip, I have tried that and they have both clicked and start to breath (at separate times). They will still not show in the app.

I’m new to Edge drivers, so how have you changed yours to ZigBee Switch Mc?

I have noticed one of the other tradfri outlets that is working is using the ZigBee Switch driver already, yet another one of them isn’t?

Thanks for your reply, it seems some have changed to the edge driver and some have not.

I still can’t pair them though at the moment.

Is there anything else i might be able to try?

The Ikea Outlet when trying to add through the wizard stops on “Plug in the outlet”

Try using scan nearby.

I have tried that, after resetting and they still aren’t discovered.

I’m at a loss, as previously they would pair in seconds.

Have you tried this.

They are two exisiting devices, which i removed from the app, and now cannot re-join the zigbee network.

It looks to be the same as this post IKEA zigbee smart plug won't rejoin

I have tried all you have suggested, as this is how i have joined them in the past.

I have just looked on the IDE under the “Events List” and tried to pair them again and its showing this

Which makes me think its got stuck somewhere, as there is no IKEA Outlet in my Devices.

Do you know if you have any Edge drivers installed on the hub?

Yes I enrolled a few days before making changes and removing the old IKEA outlets.

This could be a problem with the Edge driver? I believe once the Edge driver detects the fingerprint of the device it supports, the IDE and groovy are no longer involved. You might consider removing the Edge Driver and go back to relying on the groovy device handler. If not, you may need to focus on why the Edge Driver is failing. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough experience with Edge yet to be much help. (I’m actually having trouble getting a new device I bought to use its installed Edge driver.)

It’s odd, as I have a few more of these devices and they seem to have migrated over to the edge driver without me doing anything.

I don’t want to remove that driver in case I can’t pair them back with the hub.

Thanks for your reply, if what you have stated is the case then it’s more knowledge for me :+1:

Is there any admins or developers that might be able to assist me with this?

Or would i need to log a call with Support?

might not be entirely related but i have alot of ikea tradfri outlets and oddly enough 2 of them just stopped responding. i couldnt turn them off or on within the smartthings app or even going through my alexa app. all my tradfi outlets migrated over to edge drivers and they are using the zigbee switch edge drivers.

took me 3 attempts but managed to re-pair it without deleting the device. re-added successfully but didnt help as i couldnt control it. deleted the device via the app and added it again which also took a few attempts to pair. essentially i added the device by brand, selecting outlet and at the point in the wizard where it tells you to plug in the outlet i held the reset button for just over 5 seconds. soon enough it added it successfully.

it still decided to use the zigbee switch drivers but upon opening tradfi outlet via the app i get the error of ‘couldn’t get device status’.

i installed mariano’s edge drivers for the zigbee swich. i switched to the zigbee switch drivers mc and was able to use my tradfi outlet again.

not sure if this helps you entirely but hopefully you are able to re-pair your outlets again. i believe you shouldnt have any issues removing the zigbee switch mc drivers, deleting the device and adding it again. worst case it will probably just add your device as a ‘thing’ and you probably need to select a driver. i dont think you can even delete the out of the box smartthings drivers such as the zigbee switch either.

@TylerDurden im pretty sure any devices you add will be using the edge drivers. i dont think you can go back to using groovy. think its been like this for a good month or 2 as devices i added recently in the past were using edge drivers already.

When I wrote this, my hub was actually still installing groovy DTHs. I had actually tried to get my new Zooz device (also new to the hub) to install with their new Edge driver and couldn’t get it to work… only could get the groovy DTH to work.

@TylerDurden oh ok. i think its random in terms of who and what devices are migrated over to edge drivers. alot of my devices have been migrated over to edge drivers. theres still some devices left on groovy that i have which most likely i may need to use a community edge driver if it doesnt get migrated over to edge once groovy is decommissioned.

i’ve only recently added ikea devices and some aeotec z-wave devices. they instantly used edge drivers once i added them to smartthings.

Looking at my hub now, I see my Ikea outlet has migrated over to the “generic” zigbee switch edge driver. I think had the device not matched the ST edge driver and required a custom edge driver, there may have been a way to revert… perhaps. I didn’t realize that the ikea devices would get “picked up” by the stock edge drivers.