Ikea Tradfri Outlet - Will not pair

when you check what drivers its using through the app is the developer from SmartThings when using the ‘Zigbee Switch’? If so thats exactly what edge driver it uses for me when adding the Tradfri outlet. I can only assume this is stock edge drivers from SmartThings. I could be wrong as i’m no expert as to what is considered stock edge drivers.

Hopefully i dont jinx myself but the Zigbee Switch driver is currently working fine on my other Tradfri outlets. Only just the 2 outlets both in my bedroom stopped working using the Zigbee Switch driver.

So far using the Zigbee Switch MC drivers have been working so far the past few hours on the 2 tradfri outlets that stopped working this morning.

Yes, that’s the driver my outlet magically migrated to and it is working as expected. That’s very interesting that you had to use a different edge driver for only those two outlets. I wonder if they have different firmware or something.

Its very odd that the 2 Tradfri outlets i added stopped working at the same time. Then again out of all the Ikea Tradfri outlets i have the 2 that stopped working were the most recent ones i added. They used the edge drivers straight away whereas my other Tradfri outlets were migrated to use edge drivers.

I did check the firmware via groovy/ide. The ones migrated over to use edge drivers i can still see it and they are all the same. not sure if its still the same version now using edge drivers.

  • firmwareFullVersion: 20024623
  • firmwareImageType: 4353
  • firmwareManufacturerCode: 4476

You could be onto something regarding firmware. i bought the 2 that stopped working at least a 4 months ago. Only started using them say around a month or so ago. Unfortunately since these 2 Tradfri outlets were using edge drivers from the beginning i cannot see the firmware version.

I dont think the Aeotec SmartThings V3 hub updates firmware for any ikea outlets as i’ve seen many threads stating that some users had to buy the ikea hub to update the firmware on their ikea smart devices. Then again that was a good 6 months ago when i last looked around.

@JonathanWilkes let us know if you fixed the issues you were experiencing. I know pairing ikea smart devices can be a pain in general.

Just check that you removed tradfri outlets from the app. If you can still access groovy just double check that the Tradfi outlets are not there.

2.0.024 dates from September 2020. There was an update to 2.3.089 in January 2022 but I don’t think there was anything in between.

The Edge driver makes the firmware version available as an attribute.

Thats interesting. Is there any improvements to be made that we should update to the latest firmware?

I probably would have bought the Tradfri outlets in the past year or so. Surprised they all had older firmware. I suspect it never updated when I started using them as the SmartThings hub does not have the firmware updates for it. That’s what i’ve read somewhere on reddit and the smartthings forums.

Is there any way of updating the firmware on ikea smart devices without the hub? Oddly enough upon checking ikea’s website looks like the old tradfi gateways are on sale here in australia. I assume coz of the new Dirigera hubs replacing the tradfi hub they are getting rid old/discontinued stock. can’t order them online and in store stock is pretty much near nothing so ill probably miss out.

How would I go about checking the firmware when its using the edge drivers? I couldnt see it on the app. Accessing groovy via my browser gives me nothing.

i suspect the 2 most recent Tradfi outlets i added has newer firmware than the rest of my Tradfi outlets. Only other difference really is that the 2 most recent Tradfri outlets weren’t migrated to use edge drivers but they used edge drivers as soon as i paired them to my SmartThings hub. The pain of pairing it was worse then when i initially set these up. When i initially set these 2 Tradfri outlets it paired straight away to my SmartThings hub.